Zoghbi Group

The Zoghbi Group announces the launching of a 10 thousand square meter, nine stories enterprise in Chtaura, with exclusive space for Brazilian franchises to develop along with Lebanese business.

With a direct investment of US$ 25 million, something that has never happened in the relationship history between Brazil and Lebanon, the Zoghbi Group is announcing the conclusion of work of the Prime Center in Bekaa Valley, a multifunction real state enterprise that will be open in the first trimester of 2012 in the city of Chtaura, in Lebanon.

Located between the capitals of Beirut (Lebanon) and Damascus (Syria), the region in which the enterprise is located has huge tourism.  It has also one of the highest ratings per capita in all the country.  Chtaura is the center of a region in which many Lebanese families have summer homes. The region is perfect for leisure due to its natural beauty, climate and proximity to the capitals.

It is very common to hear Portuguese being spoken in the Bekka Valley, from where it has originated a large Lebanese colony in Brazil.  For this reason, the exchange of information and manners, as well as consumption of Brazilian products, has been around for decades.

In this social and economy favorable environment, the Prime Center has nine stories of built area.  A modern, safe and functional structure that unites the best Brazilian technology of shopping centers and space management
to provide services.  Besides the commercial area and food court, the enterprise will have a group of offices and
an area specially dedicated for medical offices.


Brazilian Space for national franchises – In a specific area of the mall, the Prime Center will have the Brazilian Space.  It will be an area in the commercial center specially dedicated for Brazilian franchises.
Lebanese entrepreneurs are already negotiating with Brazilian brands to install different franchises at the Prime Center.

In order to make this enterprise even more Brazilian, the Prime Center will reserve its entire topfloor for an authentic Brazilian restaurant and a space for events. With Lebanese roots and 62 years acting with education, agro business, real state and Trade Company in Brazil, the Zoghbi Group will implement in the Prime Center the most up to date
technology of mall management.

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