Guerlain Mon Parfum New Launch

March 7, 2017
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Guerlain Mon Parfum New Launch

For five generations, the Guerlain perfumer has embodied the history of perfumery and embraced it, heart and soul. He has explored the planet in search of rare raw materials. He has invented new, audacious “accords” and created over 1,100 fragrances…

Despite his many achievements, he questioned the rules, ignored conventions and revolutionized modern perfumery with Jicky. For Thierry Wasser, the fifth Guerlain perfumer, who orchestrated the creation of the new women’s fragrance by the House, it is impossible to define a Guerlain fragrance as a mere formula that unites accords and combines rare raw materials in secret concentrations.


Like my predecessors before me, my work is guided by a passion for fine craftsmanship, an admiration for the know-how of artisans, the authenticity of encounters and the sincerity of emotions.” We know every last detail about our jasmine, our sandalwood, our lavender and our vanilla, because we buy our raw materials from men and women we have met and whom I have come to know closely over time. Behind our sandalwood in Australia, our Carla lavender which grows at an altitude of 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) in the Provençal Drôme region, our Sambac jasmine in Southern India and our Tahitensis vanilla in Papua New Guinea, there are wonderful people who grow, pick, extract and distill. From the time of Aimé Guerlain, who personally traveled to Russia in the late 19th century to look for his birch essence and leather, our networks have been built over the long term on a basis of trust. This is why each of our raw materials possesses an emotional dimension that expresses itself and reveals its true nature when it is crafted with our values in mind. Guerlain is a concentration of real human relationships with people who make our creations genuine. All of the shared and experienced emotions – from the field to the laboratory – become the notes of Guerlain, a fragrance created for an extraordinary, sincere and authentic woman.



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