7 Things To Do To Get Flawless Underarms

June 30, 2018
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7 Things To Do To Get Flawless Underarms

Are you one of those girls who avoids wearing sleeveless outfits because your underarms embarrass you? Having dark underarms is one of the major problems that prevent people from putting their skin out there. There are a lot of things that darken your underarms, these includes poor ventilation, excessive sweating, accumulation of dead skin cells in your underarms, using hair removing creams all the time, using antiperspirants and deodorants based on alcohol.

Smooth and flawless underarms are every girl’s dream and it’s not that difficult to attain them. Here are 7 ways to get smooth and spotless underarms so that you don’t have to keep your arms glued to your body!

1. Hydrate your skin

As a daily ritual to keep your underarms healthy, apply oil (Coconut, almond, Aloe Vera…etc.) before you sleep and let it stay overnight. This not only hydrates your skin, but also helps you get rid of the scars or dark spots.

TIP: Using a good moisturizing lotion or oil before shaving plumps up your skin causing less irritation.

2. Shave in the right direction

While shaving, it is important to know which direction your hair is growing in. Shaving the right way will eliminate stubble while preventing ingrown hairs and any possible inflammation. Underarms are more sensitive than the rest of your body and hence it is important to be extra careful when shaving. The Venus razor, made to suit the contours of the female form, helps prevent nicks and cuts with three precision blades and a moisturising indicator strip.  

3. Choose the right shaving cream

No matter how much of a hurry you are in! Never resort to a dry shave. While many girls use soaps and lotions to help get a smooth shave, it’s always advisable to use a shaving cream or a gel such as Venus Satin Care since it helps soften the hair making it easy for the razor to glide without putting too much pressure.


4. Exfoliate regularly

Just like any other part of your body, your underarms require a proper exfoliation routine too. It is extremely important to get rid of dead cells and to let your skin breathe. Use a mild scrub to scrape off the dead skin.

TIP: Use a scrub before planning to shave. It lifts the hair from the skin ensuring a closer and smoother shave!

5. Choose the right razor

For a smooth shave that gets rid of ALL your underarm hair one should always use the right razor. Ensure you change your razor from time to time so that you save yourself from the post shaving trauma or simply use Venus Razor that comes with a strip that not only moisturizes your skin but also tells you when it’s time to change your razor.

6. Avoid using perfumes immediately after shaving

The reason for this is that these products contain alcohol and that tends to sting a bit (or a lot depending on how sensitive your skin is). Spray on to your clothes instead to recreate the effect without any collateral damage.

7. Stretch your skin while shaving

Pull the skin of your underarms tightly when you are shaving so that there are no creases in your skin. The stretch gives your razor a smoother area to go over and ensures that every single hair is left exposed to be eliminated.


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