ABC Promotes Environmental Awareness In Public Schools Through Its Waste Management Initiative

May 30, 2017
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Under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, ABC organized environmental awareness sessions for public school students through its waste management program initiative, in collaboration with Cedar Environmental, Zero Waste Act and arcenciel.

ABC believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. As young learners, students are an important part of the solution if empowered with the appropriate knowledge and resources. In this context, around 1500 students from 28 public schools visited ABC Achrafieh where they participated in dedicated seminars and workshops in addition to fun and educational activities related to waste management.

Through its successful waste management program and effective environmental solutions, ABC is a role model in terms of using alternative sources of energy and reducing its waste by adopting a process of sorting at the source. Determined to create a positive change in Lebanon, ABC launched for the second year in a row a series of seminars to spread environmental awareness, especially among the younger generations.

The General Director of Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mr.Fadi Yarak said: “We are always keen to provide an efficient educational system to our children. It’s very important to implement good waste management strategies in terms of using alternative sources of energy and reducing its waste. The awareness sessions organized by ABC are very significant in the development and learning of environment-friendly solutions and practices among younger generation.”


ABC’s environmental initiative, which is part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility program, highlights the need for careful waste disposal by teaching young people how to properly implement waste segregation and recycling. During 2017, the first phase hosted public schools from Beirut and Metn areas, targeting students between 8 and 14 years old. The second phase will take place in October and will cover other areas in Lebanon.

Children’s participation in preventing environmental damage in their communities helps develop their sense of responsibility and motivates them to make other children aware of the facts.





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