Alexandre J launches ‘Altesse Mysore’

April 23, 2017
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Alexandre J launches ‘Altesse Mysore’

His love of art and history brought him to creation. Today, his thirst for beauty leads him to explore such varied areas as painting, sculpture and perfume.
A French attached Alexandre
artist who is deeply to his country, J also delves into other cultures to find creative avenues that his imagination then turns into new worlds.
An architect of materials and senses, Alexandre.J makes unusual use of exceptional materials.
He sculpts them, pushing the limits of creation to give life to objects that arouse emotions.

Travelling and discovering different places gives rise to new emotions. In the Orient, the culture shock is immense. Immense like the deserts punctuated by the havens of oases. At once lush and arid, the Orient astonishes with its mysteries.
You have to be nomadic to capture this spirit; pitching your tend in the middle of the great expanses, listening to the deep silences, feeling the wind with its mineral scents caress your skin…
The Orient is colour. The palaces and their sculpted golds sparkle in the brilliant sun, but reds and purples dominate. Mountains of petals, silken fabrics, powerful spices… Symbolic of good fortune, happiness and fulfilment, this palette of bright colours engulfs the day and the night. Women dressed in purple are like royals bringing luck.
This wealth of colour inspires a profusion of scents, a lucky charm of a fragrance .
The women of the Orient have many beauty secrets: the steam baths that purify, the lotions that bring suppleness, the henna under which the skin comes to life… Fragrance is one of these sacred rituals.
With its invisible essence, like a subtle veil, it stirs disquiet and attracts in equal measure. A delicate sensuality develops in its trail. A product for the body and the mind, fragrance sculpts a certain aura, a diadem made of flowers, woods and spices .
For Alexandre.J, this a market in the visit to Orient suffused his senses intense emotions.
with He loved the brightly coloured powders and how soft they were to the touch. He admired the precious, sculpted woods. He was left imbued with their majesty and power. But it was the abundance of flowers that dazzled him the most.
Sewn into crowns and woven into thick braids, they glowed like fragile yet eterna l jewels. Alexandre.J captured these emotions and put them into a bottle.
Jasmine blooms from base notes of noble wood and amber. The queen of sensuality, a carnal flower, jasmine is magnified by the joyful blaze of spices and the delicacy of rose.
The spices, pink peppercorns and elemi, first light a soft and sensua l fire. In their luminous trail, rose and jasmine intermingle in silky purple middle notes that celebrate femininity. Deep and dark, the woods and balms amplify the scent trail, giving it a chypre-like roundness.
Top: Pink Peppercorns, Elemi, Ambroxan Heart: Plum, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine
Base: Virginia Cedar, Benzoin, Patchouli, Vanilla , White Musk, Amber Wood


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