Armani Prive Haute Couture Fragrances: CHARM EDITION COUTURE 2017

July 16, 2017
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Armani Prive Haute Couture Fragrances: CHARM EDITION COUTURE 2017


The Édition Couture unites two stories of creation, a conversation between the Giorgio Armani runway collection and Armani/Privé Haute Couture Fragrances. Every year, the designer transcribes the fabrics and materials of his Spring/Summer presentation to create a limited edition olfactory story of which Charm’ is the newest chapter. The Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a balance of chiaroscuro, a subtle game of light that covers then reveals the legs, creating a silhouette perfectly balanced between elegance and sensuality: feminine charm assumed with a touch of magic. The new Charm’ Eau de Parfum captures the essence of this collection with its delicately blue-tinted violet tones, giving the iris a new form. With Charm’, the iris becomes a majestic flower, tinged with darkness, yet soft and captivating on the skin.


A source of inspiration for the Armani/Privé Edition Couture fragrance, the iris symbolises the facetted femininity seen in the designer’s collection: silhouettes that are both pure and precious, dresses cut in elaborate fabrics vibrant with light. At the heart of Charm’, the iris surprises with a composition whose radiance is complete through its pairing with Gaïac wood. A prologue to a walk through a field of irises, Charm’ invites you to first step through a door to a Calabrian orchard to gather fresh bergamot. Its radiance is reflected in the Paradisone, a dust of irone crystals found on the root of the iris. “This little-known material makes me think of a note of ‘paradise’, as its name suggests,” explains perfumer Alberto Morillas. “It illustrates a figurative side of the iris, where color takes shape and captures the light.” The iris draws on its florality from its rich base and reveals a solar and feminine facet. With it, the flower is similar to skin warmed by the sun, both velvety and floral, intense and subtle, and incredibly elegant and feminine. The Iris concrete finds harmony with black tea and drops of Somalian incense: balsam-like, warm, rich and sensual. The mystery turns into an enigma when suddenly the notes of Gaïac wood appear. “The combination brings a very smoky facet to the iris. I intensified it with cypriol, a papyrus essence. It is addictive, extremely luxurious and possesses a certain finesse. When infused with Gaïac wood, cypriol gives the iris a mysterious new dimension,” reveals Morillas. Charm’ then reveals a sensual, almost carnal, facet of vanilla absolute, patchouli essence and white musk. “Combined with the iris, their powdery scent is completely released on the skin.” It is as though the light has returned to pierce the heart of this composition, making Charm’ a talisman in the form of a fascinating and changing flower.


The fragrance is captured in the Armani/Privé bottle – solid and pure, topped by a pebble in its natural form. Inspired by the colors of iris petals and the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the bottle is tinted with a blue and violet gradient. Its tones blend and shade together to play on a misty opacity. The stopper and plaque of Charm’ are made artisinally, formed from hand-cast resin where the colors have been melted in different and random ways for each piece. Charm’ is wrapped in an organza pouch from the Charmani collection, an exclusive case that brings the magic of this fragrance in chiaroscuro.

Eau de Parfum Armani/Privé Only 1000 limited edition numbered bottles in the world. Available in select points of sale from May 2017.



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