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It’s Art, Not Science. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. 5th Anniversary

May 7, 2017
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It’s Art, Not Science. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. 5th Anniversary

For the past 5 years, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, the country’s leading beach club, has been taking people on a journey that stimulates all 5 senses, to such unreachable levels that only a pioneering concept could succeed in attempting. With this being said, a new advertising campaign has surfaced, bringing ART into the forefront of its current vision and encompassing all the different ideas, thoughts, illusions, visuals, dreams and mind travels under its creative umbrella.


The long anticipated ART campaign, shot by talented photographer Martin Beck and featuring the venue’s valued staff, aims on showcasing the accomplishments that exemplify the artistic freedom of Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. “Art is not a science that can be replicated, it is an eruption of ideas and spontaneous thoughts.” Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE has been injected with life from left, right and center, since its very inception. Igniting a freedom of thought, an unlimited imagination, and the liberty to visualize and materialize fantasies, into one successful audio and visual production after the other.


Art can’t be calculated nor evaluated, it can’t be examined nor dissected, because it just is. Art is the energy that flows from our core and extends to our extremities before being released into the world in all its glorious colors. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is a plain white canvas brought to life with stories, music, good vibes, happy days and even happier nights, memories and melodies. Every single event that was produced at the venue represents the fine details in the art piece that is Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, bringing to light the flair and finesse of the region’s original Balearic beach club.


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