Author Elsa Lebbos Signs Her Second Book in French

April 10, 2017
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Author Elsa Lebbos Signs Her Second Book in French

Author Elsa Lebbos signed her new French book called “Un Homme Pas Comme Les Autres” (A Man Like No Other) on Thursday April 6th 2017, at Librairie Antoine, Beirut Souks in the presence of romantic novels’ aficionadas and friends.


As per the synopsis, the 105-page book by French publishing house Persée is “a tender love story that touches every sensitive reader and narrates the life events of the author, torn between the traditions of her native country and her unrestricted perception of Western life, especially that of France, her haven of choice.”


“Un Homme Pas Comme Les Autres” is the second book by Lebbos. It talks about Raya, a woman dismayed by the sudden separation from the man in her life. In her weakest moment, she starts dwelling on all the significant moments she spent with her beloved before she lost him for good.


In 2004, Lebbos had published a poetry book in French entitled “Corps et Âme Souillés” (Soiled Body, Tarnished Soul) of which ten poems were chosen to be part of another poetry collection called “Le Damier 32” by Bénévent – Paris.


The writings of Elsa Lebbos convey the importance of love and the unrelenting force of life. The author started writing when she was only ten and decided to pursue a BA in French Literature from Saint-Joseph University, Beirut (USJ). She later worked in An-Nahar newspaper, as well as wrote social and drama reviews in La Revue Du Liban, a former french-speaking magazine.


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