Bassoul-Heneine sal commemorates Mother’s Day with BMW ‘Mother’s Day Happy Box’

March 23, 2017
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Bassoul-Heneine sal commemorates Mother’s Day with BMW ‘Mother’s Day Happy Box’

Showing gratitude and appreciation to strong and admirable mothers, Bassoul-Heneine sal, the official BMW importer in Lebanon, produced the ‘Mother’s Day Happy Box’ maternity packs, which were then donated to the ‘Birth and Beyond’ Assameh. The packs were distributed to mothers in need at the Governmental Hospital of Beirut Quarantine.

The initiative is set to celebrate mothers across the country who are raising the future generation. The maternity packs will be donated to support mothers and put a smile on their faces. The Happy Box consists of all the necessary baby equipment and accessories to equip the new mothers in taking care of their young ones. The ultimate baby kit includes milk bottles, pacifiers, cleaning wipes, baby lotion, baby blankets, bibs and more.

Nagy Heneine, General Manager for Commercial Affairs at Bassoul-Heneine sal, said: “On this special day, we are honored to work closely with the likes of Birth and Beyond Assameh, Chicco and Mothercare to help better the lives of women who will always be an integral part of our society. We value the mothers of our society as they raise future generations and instill values and ethics as they integrate in the Lebanese community.”


Also, commenting on this special Mother’s Day activation, Dr. Robert Sacy founder of the non-profit organization, Birth and Beyond Assameh; said “Birth and Beyond Assameh was established with a vision that Lebanese Children should never be denied the medical services they deserve. On Mother’s Day, we chose to collaborate with BMW, Chicco and Mothercare to provide the mothers with all the right tools to take care of their infants.”


Birth and Beyond Assameh is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of newly born babies in general and premature babies. It was established in February 2014 by Professor Dr. Robert Sacy from the St. George Hospital.



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