Baume & Mercier marks the 28th edition of the SIHH with a motorbike partnership and its first in-house caliber

February 4, 2018
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Baume & Mercier marks the 28th edition of the SIHH with a motorbike partnership and its first in-house caliber

The 28th edition of the SIHH concluded on a successful note for the Maison Baume & Mercier. With its positioning closely attuned to market requirements, Baume & Mercier has confirmed its legitimacy in offering quality products matching customers’ expectations.

Firmly entrenching this philosophy did not prevent the Maison from showcasing innovations with its Clifton Baumatic and offering a dreamy touch with the Clifton Club Indian collection. A glance in the rearview mirror at this event brimming with surprises and emotions.

An original booth showcasing distinctive universes

The incredible reproduction of the Indian streamliner 111 motorbike with which Burt Munro set the world speed record in 1967 was enthroned at the front of the booth. Baume & Mercier confirmed its sporty profile with its Clifton Club collection and its now international community of ‘Gentlesportsmen’, which could be admired in the art gallery-type presentation of black & white photos lining the booth walls. The other surprise was located at the back of the booth, where an incredible experiential path through life-sized arches awaited visitors, enabling them to discover, understand and test the four major customer benefits delivered by the new Baume & Mercier caliber – with the help of two white-coated watchmakers whose mission was to make the messages readily understandable.



A motorbike partnership with Indian

Baume & Mercier has chosen to associate with the legendary American motorbike brand with which it shares a lifestyle blending freedom with a rebellious spirit. In the wake of its cooperation with Shelby Cobra, this partnership is defined by a quest for performance and mastering quality, combined with the timeless elegance characterizing the Maison… All of which are expressed through three sophisticated and distinctive timepieces: a flagship model paying vibrant tribute to Burt Munro’s speed machine, along with two others inspired by two legendary contemporary Indian models, the Scout and the Chief.

A new caliber featuring revolutionary innovations

In conjunction with the research and innovation teams of the Richemont Group and the Manufacture ValFleurier, Baume & Mercier is taking a major new horological direction and proudly proclaiming the fact!


With the Maison’s first in-house caliber, the customer has been placed firmly at the center of the entire thought process. The Clifton Baumatic is interpreted through five models, including a COSC-certified version, and will be available as of spring 2018.

“2018 is set to be a promising year for the Maison Baume & Mercier, which offers everyone access to the finest innovations while maintaining its resolutely affordable positioning.”



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