July 15, 2017
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While we all love summer, it can potential wreak havoc on skin and hair.

Discover our selection of products to step up your beauty regimen and follow our tips to look stunning from head to toe this season!




Reveal your skin glow in a few gestures thanks to our Pivoine Sublime skin-perfecting range, with our beautifying peony complex. The Perfecting Essence prepares the skin to the application of the cream while The Perfecting Cream blurs the imperfection for a fresh and radiant complexion.


Complete the ritual with our Peony Petal-Cleansing Oil that gently removes make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. The Peony Cleansing Oil’s refined, non-comedogenic formula cleanses deep into the skin’s pores, whilst its velvety texture leaves skin silky smooth and gives you a healthy and glowing complexion. Selected from only the finest blooms of the season, it contains real petals that are hand-picked at the height of their beauty, when the peony yields its largest and most velvety flowers. They are then dried using an ancient method; which ensures that the flowers retain their exquisite natural qualities.


Date tonight? Or wedding day? Think smart! Target the specific needs of each part of the face and apply the Overnight Perfect Mask to help your full face look both rested and luminous, and the Flash Moisture Mask to your cheeks for a complexion that is blemish-free and healthily radiant.





Fascinated by its astonishing properties and unbelievable strength, we’ve harvested its power for our new Nourishing hair care range. Designed for very dry and highly damaged hair, the rich and creamy texture brings your hair the goodness it needs. Voluptuous and supple, your hair is like a sun kissed by the Provence day.


Step one: Condition. The indulgent Nourishing Conditioner and intensely nourishes the hair that have been highly damaged by daily aggressions. After 4 weeks, hair is as soft, smooth and has never felt so supple! One thing to keep in mind: its rich, creamy texture and pleasant scent will make it hard to leave the shower.


Step two: Clean. Washing can be rough on dry hair, stripping it of natural liquids and leaving it brittle to the touch. Thanks to its creamy and soft texture, the Nourishing Shampoo reverses all that damage, nourishing the hair fiber as it removes excess oil. Scalp is like soothed; hair is softer. Shiny, supple, your mane is just like our beloved olive tree: majestic.





Finally, the Nourishing Mask turns into a very homemade spa moment. Like the olive tree’s roots, it evens the dry and extra damaged hair, bringing shine. Its rich, buttery-like texture, is like a reset for hair, giving them the extra nourishing care it’s craving for! Use it once a week or when hair feels particularly brittle to make it supple and reveal a desirable silky effect.


Night-time is the best time to care for your hair. While you rest, essential oils can work hard, uninterrupted, for hours. The new Overnight Repairing Concentrate delivers its benefits throughout the night. Enriched with five essential oils (ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium and angelica) and plant-derived amino acids – known for their restructuring action – it effectively pampers dry and damaged hair.




Use the Almond Milk Concentrate & Almond Shower Oil duo for a firmer and satin-smooth skin.

The irresistible and beautifying Shower Oil transforms, when in contact with water, into a delicate foam that gently cleanses the body. Enriched with almond oil, it respects the hydrophilic film and leaves a subtle and mouth-watering scent of fresh almond, for a delightful skin!


Rich in almond oil and almond milk, this wonderfully firming body cream nourishes and softens the skin. The blend of silicium and almond proteins, which are similar to collagen, effectively fights skin slackening by restoring skin’s support tissue. The light, creamy texture melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Skin feels satiny-smooth and is enveloped in a fresh and delicate fragrance.



OLIVIER NOURISHING SHAMPOO 300ml – AED95, SR95, QAR95, KD7.500, BD9.750, JD18, LBP41,000, USD27.18

OLIVIER NOURISHING MASK 200ml – AED139, SR139, QAR139, KD11.000, BD14.250, JD26, LBP57,000, USD37.79

OLIVIER NOURISHING CONDITIONER 250ml – AED95, SR95, QAR95, KD7.500, BD9.750, JD18, LBP41,000, USD27.18

PEONY HYDRATING MASK 6ml – AED25, SR25, QAR25, KD2.000, BD2.750, JD4.50, LBP11,000, USD7.29

PEONY NIGHT MASK 6ml – AED25, SR25, QAR25, KD2.000, BD2.750, JD4.50, LBP11,000, USD7.29

PEONY PETAL CLEANSING OIL 200ml – AED139, SR139, QAR139, KD11.000, BD14.250, JD26, LBP57,000, USD37.79

ALMOND MILK CONCENTRATE 200ML – AED269, SR279, QAR259, KD21.000, BD27.750, JD51.50, LBP116,000, USD76.91


ALMOND SHOWER OIL 250ML – AED119, SR129, QAR119, KD9.500, BD12.250, JD22.50, LBP52,000, USD34.48


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