Bring Your Ideas to Life with DeX on the Samsung Galaxy Note8

November 15, 2017
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Bring Your Ideas to Life with DeX on the Samsung Galaxy Note8

Mobility has come to dominate our day-to-day lives, with smartphones and tablets quickly surpassing laptops and personal computers as our most-used devices. We live in a fast-paced world where smartphones provide us with the flexibility we need to stay connected everywhere we go — but this doesn’t replace the function and utility of desktop devices. While most of our daily tasks and work operations can be completed on the advanced smartphones available to us today, sometimes a proper screen and computer setup are necessary.

The Galaxy Note8 is the versatile device we can use to plan and conceptualize throughout the day, and Samsung DeX is the functional service we need to bring our largest and most important projects to life.


Since its inception, Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been enabling people everywhere to do things they never thought possible with a smartphone. The Galaxy Note was the first-of-its-kind large-screen device that broadened the scope of smartphone possibilities by a drastic measure. And the Galaxy Note8, featuring a redefined design, an enhanced S Pen, a best-in-class dual camera, and innovative entertainment capabilities is more than just a smartphone; it’s a device that works the way we live and empowers us to do bigger things.


The design functionality of the Galaxy Note8 is bolstered by a diverse ecosystem of software and services, including Samsung DeX — a service that allows users use their smartphone like a desktop computer by providing a seamless and secure mobile to PC transition. For Galaxy Note8 users, this means the plans and concepts they create on their smartphone are brought to life on a larger screen so they can easily refine notes and sketches made with the S Pen, edit photos and videos taken with the advanced camera.  This enables the users to seamlessly switch between creating and communicating with the Note8’s superior multitasking capabilities on a desktop computer screen.


To maximize the functionality of the Galaxy Note8, users can simply dock it in the DeX Station to access an Android-based, desktop-like experience that enables them to use mobile apps, edit documents and photos, and browse the web. With DeX, users can connect to a new All Apps user interface that provides an overview of up to 36 apps[1], optimized email and video conferencing capabilities, and expanded support for more mobile games and video streaming services.


What’s more, the optimized interface on DeX allows users to easily multitask, watch videos in resizable windows, and reply to messages via a task bar and more, directly from their smartphone on a larger display using a keyboard and mouse. Samsung DeX provides a convenient mobile desktop experience that is designed to maximize productivity and provide an unbeatable mobile workspace solution — and paired with the Galaxy Note8, the possibilities are endless.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 has all the right features enabling users to see the bigger picture and communicate in entirely new ways — and in tandem with Samsung DeX, you have all the necessary resources to turn your ideas into reality. Today, our ideas, goals, and accomplishments are bigger than ever, and with the ultimate productivity environment provided by the Galaxy Note8 and Samsung DeX, it has never been easier to bring your ideas to life.



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