ByTerry Fragrance Soleil Piquant

June 26, 2018
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ByTerry Fragrance Soleil Piquant

Inspiration reaches its zenith

“I offer you this olfactive imprint full of sunlight, a most alluring Eau de Parfum, wildly uninhibited –, like the celestial orb from which it has been inspired.” Said: “Terry de Gunzburg”

The woman for whom has been created is the embodiment of a dazzling, “boho beauty” who revels in the heat of the Ibizan sun and whose spirit shines brightly. These sensual and sizzling-hot scents celebrate a desire born of idle days, sparked by the burning sun, and the passion of tempestuous nights, undulating with a rhythm that cannot be denied.

On the skin, the zesty freshness of Neroli reveals itself boldly, buoyed by   sparkling Mandarin, then   is   daringly defied by Cactus and Almond blossoms with a balmy caress. It is this intensely exuberant expression of sunlight that surrounds the boho-chic woman – a highlight unpredictable creature, she radiates seduction. Now she truly owns her place in the sun… Solar, 365 days a year.

Soleil Piquant embodies lazy summer days luxuriously spent lounging in front of a sun-drenched, turquoise blue sea.

Let your fantasies take flight. Filter the sun’s burning rays behind your mirrored shades. Bask in the warmth of your suntanned, salty, caramelized skin.

Line the base of your lashes with a smudgy kohl. Slip on a floral-patterned kaftan and wander into an art gallery. Sip an aperitif on the patio. Stroll around Ibiza and take pleasure in the island’s vibrancy and kaleidoscopic colors.

At sunset, succumb to the irresistible beat of electro which fills the night air. Dance barefoot on the silky sand as darkness washes over you. Submit to nighttime’s temptations. Give yourself entirely to the unpredictable.

Abandon your inhibitions and set yourself free!

An ode to femininity

At Terry de Gunzburg’s request, renowned French perfumer Benoist Lapouza has orchestrated an epicurean and highly original, first-of-its-kind Neroli. Creating everything in duality, he dares the absolute paradoxes, between brightness and sweetness, shade and light, that which is hidden and revealed.

This floral – solar scent, as addictive as a cologne, but highly concentrated (20%), is composed of natural ingredients, the inimitable signature of a very elegant High Perfumer, singed BY TERRY.







A pyramid of contrasting notes

The first lure, the Orange blossom, exposes itself, glorified by the sparkling freshness of a distinguished Mandarin and a Bergamot of Calabria, then is transported by an undulating “Sea breeze” accord.

The second enticement – Neroli blooms – offers more sweetness and sunniness. It’s subtly tamed by the noble powder Iris and, the next moment, totally seduced by the Flowers of the almond tree, so soft and creamy, then literally roused by the Flowers of cactus with a prickly skin and sweet heart. They embody the provocative freedom of the devilishly wild and irrepressibly radiant “Boho-chic” woman.

Finally, the olfactive trail asserts itself to draw you in even more, to the very borders of misbehaving. The woody, luxurious and enigmatic notes lie in wait to ambush you. Patchouli, Gaïac wood and Vetiver are haloed with a veil of Vanilla, the olfactory ingredients of a lust-worthy liaison.


A dazzling duality, embodied by the bottle itself

Gloriously displayed within its glass case, the fragrance’s vivid yellow color is evocative of a blazing sun. In an artful play of contrasts, this brilliant sunny hue competes with the famous mercury drop – the BY TERRY signature – which, in cool silver tone, serves as the bottle’s stopper.


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