Cedrar Launches in Symbolic Byblos Ceremony

September 6, 2017
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Cedrar Launches in Symbolic Byblos Ceremony

In an exclusive event held at Byblos Sur Mer on September 4, 2017, Cedrar was finally introduced to the public.


Through an impressive launch, Cedrar has unveiled an ambitious project designed to made the Cedars of Lebanon the new ideal destination, providing modernity and luxury, as well as the exclusivity of a unique communal living experience, brought together by the authenticity and culture of a mythical and historical region of Lebanon. The project, nestled on a site of legendary beauty, has been imagined to be in complete harmony with the eternal magic of the Cedars of Lebanon.

Built around a distinctive vision, Cedrar consists of 47 private chalets, 13 exclusive private plots, and a series of public spaces hosting a variety of amenities designed to make the project the perfect haven for the privileged few. Its location makes it ideal for a quick helicopter ride from Beirut, straight to some of Lebanon’s most iconic ski slopes. A luxury hotel and spa, a restaurant and an auberge, and a retail area will complete the convivial community living experience, in a luxurious area spread across 130,000 m2.


In her welcome note, Sandra Abou Nader, Chairman and co-founder of Cedrar, declared: “Like you, the tree torn from its roots allowed the edification of prodigious monuments around the world. But similarly to you, without its roots, without the earth, water and sap that gave it its power and vital impetus, the cedar would have never aspired to touch the sky. And it is from this same port of Byblos that we want to bring back our cedars from the diaspora.”


The event was hosted by Cedrar in the presence of Mario Saradar and Carlos Ghosn, Cedrar Board Members, who were joined by a select group of Lebanese influencers, who gathered under a gigantic metal cedar tree designed for the event.


Beyond being a village in the Cedars, Cedrar hopes to become a place where Lebanese people from around the world can connect with their country, and, more specifically, with the Cedars that represent the strength, resilience, and beauty of Lebanon.


The project was launched from Byblos, a symbolic nod to the location from which, for centuries, the treasured cedar wood of Lebanon was shipped off to build some of the world’s most iconic structures.


The launch was a celebration of Lebanon’s rich biodiversity, as Cedrar announced a key partnership with Jouzour Loubnan, an NGO whose mission is the reforestation of Lebanon. Together, Cedrar and Jouzour Loubnan will carry out a large scale project to increase the area of the famous Cedars of God forest, by planting seedlings that were germinated from the forest itself.


At the event, the beloved Aline Lahoud provided the entertainment, singing classics in English, French, and Arabic. A kanoun player set the mood for the evening, as guests arrived and discovered the project for the first time.



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