Cedrus Invest Bank, Executive Producer of Capharnaüm, salutes the Jury Prize Win

May 28, 2018
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Cedrus Invest Bank, Executive Producer of Capharnaüm, salutes the Jury Prize Win

Cedrus Invest Bank, Executive Producer of Capharnaüm, Nadine Labaki’s latest film, celebrates the win of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend. Capharnaüm, a critically acclaimed movie which sheds light on the rights of children in relation to human dignity, received a 15-minute standing ovation following its screening. Cedrus Invest Bank’s support of Capharnaüm is aligned with the Bank’s belief in the power of arts and culture and their ability to transform societies.

“We are avid supporters of cultural endeavors and are firm advocates of the ability of works of art to impact society. We believe in Lebanese talents and their capacity to break all barriers and reach international boundaries,” said Fadi Assali, Chairman and General Manager of Cedrus Invest Bank. “Nadine Labaki is an exceptional filmmaker, who continually creates novel works that manage to move global audiences and transcend barriers, and we praise her ability to tell poignant stories cinematically,” he added.

Cedrus Invest Bank aims to be heavily invested in the cultural realm, with Capharnaüm being a paradigm of its commitment to supporting this sector. As part of its role as an Executive Producer, Cedrus Invest Bank arranged the Investment Banking transaction to raise funds for the film, inviting visionary investors that believe in arts and culture, the opportunity to be part of Capharnaüm.

Cedrus Invest Bank also acknowledges the Central Bank of Lebanon for its efforts to promote and advance the realm of culture and arts and support the movie industry mainly through the subsidized loan for artistic production.

The theme of Capharnaüm, revolves around the topic of childhood and the rights of children in general, in relation to human dignity.



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