Clarins launches ‘Mission Perfection Yeux’

March 26, 2017
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Clarins launches ‘Mission Perfection Yeux’

Persistent or pronounced dark circles…
many women have a tired look,
whatever they do. Now Clarins
can help them say no to dark circles !
2017 Innovation
An advance from Clarins Research
to target dark circles
Dark circles are often a sign of lack of sleep,
fatigue and stress and correspond to a blue or brown
pigmented area under the eye which can appear from time
to time. The extremely fine skin on this area makes blood
vessels even more visible.
Today, Clarins Laboratories have gone a step further
and revealed the impact of skin tone on the colour
of dark circles. They have shown that the darker the skin
tone, the darker and more pronounced dark circles are under
the eyes. Persistent dark circles are formed and women
with darker complexions tend to look tired, whatever they do.
3Mission Perfection Yeux SPF 15
The power of 3 actions to fight persistent dark circles
1 Brighten A dual expertise targeting dark circles
Brown dark circles
A Clarins discovery, acerola extract (a powerful plant extract) is able to block cell messages
(exosomes) at the origin of pigmentation disorders. Combined with a vitamin C derivative
(the benchmark anti-dark spots molecule), it helps reduce the overproduction of melanin
pigments that cause brown dark circles.
Blue dark circles
Escin from horse chestnut (a benchmark plant molecule) protects the microcirculation
to help fight the appearance and formation of persistent blue dark circles linked to blood pigments.
Acerola Horse chestnut
4 The eyes are instantly more radiant.
3 Protect It helps to prevent the appearance of persistent dark circles
It aims to limit darkening of the eye contour thanks to ingredients targeting persistent dark
circles which protect the very fine skin of the eye contour from the harmful effects of UV
and pollution:
• high tolerance 100% mineral filters (SPF 15)
• Clarins exclusive anti-pollution complex
2 Correct It immediately helps to correct persistent dark circles
Thanks to:
• the “High Lumitech” complex, a unique*
combination of illuminating pigments which optically counterbalances all dark circle colours
to instantly and naturally reveal brighter, more radiant eyes, a fine tinted emulsion which naturally matches
all skin tones.
* Clarins.
5 A texture and packaging for optimal results, approved by women Mission Perfection Yeux is a fine, tinted emulsion applied with the built-in bevelled brush which ensures optimal application over the entire eye area and glides softly and gently over the delicate skin of the eye contour.
Mission Perfection Yeux SPF 15 In the ON position, press and apply a small amount of this fine, tinted emulsion with the brush, on the eye contour (inner corner, lower and upper eyelids). Blend in by dabbing over the eye area,
following the Clarins method (see the website: Preferably use in the morning.
Wipe brush after use.
6 Perceived effectiveness by women on brown and blue dark circles Mission Perfection Yeux demonstrated an effective action on reducing melanin and haemoglobin at the origin of pigmentary and vascular dark circles.
7 And for perfect skin…
Mission Perfection Serum Dark spot corrector, even skin tone, healthy radiance Dark spots, dyschromia, shadowy areas, a dull complexion, redness… Resulting from a major scientific advancement,
this pioneering serum designed for all women, targets pigmentation disorders and helps restore luminosity,
without altering your natural skin tone.
Mission Perfection Serum, combining the best of plants and science, is able to reduce the look of dark spots
to leave skin perfectly even and luminous while respecting all skin tones.
8 Herbarium Mission Perfection Yeux Acerola Malpighia emarginata Acerola is a shrub which grows naturally in the forests of South America. This wild “cherry” was a precious source of food eaten by the Amazonian Indians to treat digestive problems and sailors on long journeys used to drink its juice to prevent scurvy. However, this beneficial fruit only began to be studied scientifically in the 1950s, when it was discovered that acerola had an incredibly high content of vitamin C, making it the ideal food supplement to treat fatigue or winter ills. Studies carried out at Clarins Cell Biology Laboratory have demonstrated the capacity of acerola extract to help reduce the overproduction of melanin.
African ebony Diospyros mespiliformis The African ebony is highly prized by local communities thanks
to its many benefits. It is used in many areas, not only the food industry but also in the domestic and medicinal fields where its leaves in particular are used to treat the skin, for example in the healing of wounds. In cosmetics, African ebony extract helps protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution and free radicals. The extract used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.
Furcellaria lumbricalis
Furcellaria is a common red seaweed found along the North Atlantic coast which likes the light. It favours the area of foreshore which is exposed at low tide, when it reveals its beautiful reddy-brown dense foliage. A water-soluble gum is extracted from the furcellaria which is used in the food industry for its thickening, gelling and stabilizing
properties. In cosmetics, furcellaria extract helps protect skin exposed to pollution from dehydration.
Lapsana communis Nipplewort is a widespread annual plant which flowers from June to September and prefers semi-shade conditions. It is an easy-growing plant and can even be found on the edge of motorways. It has long
been used to cure scabies and soothe breast irritation caused by breast-feeding (hence its name). In cosmetics, nipplewort extract, which has anti-free radical properties, helps stimulate the skin’s natural
defences against environmental aggressions.
Horse chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum
Originating from the Balkans and dedicated to Asclepius – the god of medicine – the horse chestnut tree was known in Ancient times for its medicinal properties. In the 19th century, a French doctor revealed its benefits in treating circulatory problems. In cosmetics, escin from horse chestnut is recognized for its beneficial action on the microcirculation and its draining properties. The combination of escin with sunflower phospholipids helps to optimize the bioavailability of caffeine and thus encourage the release of fats.
Sanicula europaea The sanicle grows in the shady undergrowth of the forests of Europe which it brightens up in spring with its immaculate white blooms.
In the Middle Ages, the first Western faculty of medicine, the “Ecole de Salerne”, named it a universal remedy. It was used to soothe stomach ache and was very effective in the treatment of burns, wounds and bruises. The plant’s use then declined in the early 20th century but has recently seen a revival in the field of cosmetics.
Sanicle extract is high in antioxidant rosmarinic acid and helps protect skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. The extract used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.
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