Clarins launches Tender Moments: Daily Energizer Lip Balm & Skin Illusion Blush

May 25, 2017
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Clarins launches Tender Moments: Daily Energizer Lip Balm & Skin Illusion Blush

You’re going to fall in love with this limited-edition duo: Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm & Skin Illusion Blush

Part skin care, part make-up, the sheer pleasure of pretty lips and cheeks.

Two adorable, go-anywhere products!

Lovely Lip Balm, for the love of lips

It all starts with a smile
Beautiful lips are fragile lips! Because lips do not have a corneal layer, produce sebum or a hydrolipidic film, they are helpless against external aggressions and can become dry and dehydrated. Clarins created Lovely Lip Balm to care for your lips. It’s a delicious lip product with a generous formula that promotes
immediate comfort and lasting results. 8-hour moisture(1) helps promote smoother, plumper lips and a pretty touch of pink colour enhances overall lip beauty. It was the leading lip care product in France in 2015(2), THE “love at first sight” product of the year!

Skin Illusion Blush, you’ll blush with pleasure!

The comfort of skin care…
The success of Skin Illusion Foundation is now available in a blush. Skin Illusion Blush blends perfectly over the skin and promotes a soft, silky feel. Colour results look even and very natural. Red algae extract helps promote skin radiance, enhancing the cheeks and allowing you to look fresh and revitalized.

… and the illusion of natural radiance
Pretty, healthy-looking skin and soft, comfortable cheeks: this is the secret
to getting kissed, a lot! To recreate the illusion of naturally radiant cheeks,
Skin Illusion Blush leaves the skin supple and enhances their look. Fresh and
luminous, your skin benefits from all of Clarins skin care and colour expertise.
You look gorgeous, simply radiant!


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