CrossTalk holds its Annual Fundraising Dinner to pursue its ecumenical mission

April 25, 2017
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CrossTalk holds its Annual Fundraising Dinner to pursue its ecumenical mission

CrossTalk, an organization focused on delivering the Bible’s Word and living it in all daily aspects, is holding its Annual Fundraising for this year at the Bristol Hotel on Friday May 12. This event is organized in light of CrossTalk’s expanding activities and the increasing number of supporters, in Lebanon and abroad. The objective is to support CrossTalk’s mission in carrying the message of Love, and living according to the biblical teachings.

Mrs. Ranya Nasrallah, President of CrossTalk, pointed that the main purpose of this event is to gather CrossTalk’s members and friends, to seek their support for its several activities within the Lebanese society in line with the ecumenical directives of the various churches. It is to be noted that CrossTalk has received the blessing of the Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Protestant, Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholic and Roman Catholic churches, and that it works under the governance of a Board of Directors which represents most of these churches.

CrossTalk was established 21 years ago as an individual initiative, in response to the need of certain mothers to provide Christian education for their children. The organization has now grown to cover 3 areas, Rabweh, Hamra and Broumana, where more than 220 students of different ages receive the Word of God and learn how to live it.

CrossTalk practices “Live What You Preach” through its different programs; “Give of Yourself to Others” to provide hair for cancer patients, and “Share the Care” to provide food for people in need. CrossTalk has also been involved in educating illiterate and refugees through “Faith Through Knowledge” and “Faith Through Love” programs.

CrossTalk encourages its students to commit to their individual parish by providing handouts in different languages to help them follow the Sunday readings in their respective churches. CrossTalk also holds training workshops on the Christian educational curriculum. In addition, it helps youth adopt a Christian way of living through innovative programs such as the “Christian Night Club” and annual summer camps.

CrossTalk succeeded in building strategic partnerships with organizations such as the Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon and the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. CrossTalk provides community service programs for schools and universities, and has received the “Spirit of Service” Award from LAU in 2016.

For more info visit CrossTalk’s website at and its various social media platforms @crosstalkngo.


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