Dubai’s WHYTE BESPOKE to revolutionise men’s fashion industry

September 2, 2017
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Dubai’s WHYTE BESPOKE to revolutionise men’s fashion industry

Dubai has already made its presence felt in the global fashion circuit, and with the launch of WHYTE BESPOKE, UAE’s first home-grown brand for bespoke suits, Dubai will soon be a top destination for ‘Made in Dubai’. With its own design DNA, authentic fingerprint and a keen eye for styling, the designs come to life by the hands of the tailors who create (handcrafted) every Whyte Bespoke tailored masterpiece  using measured techniques from London’s Savile Row.

WHYTE BESPOKE is a Dubai-based business established in Dubai by Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan. The brand offers bespoke suits and a unique experience for the customer. It is the only brand currently selling real bespoke (95 per cent hand stitched) designer wear in the UAE.

“Dubai is known for its pioneering commercial presence, and with Whyte Bespoke we want to do the same for fashion. Our collection of fabrics is handpicked from mills in Italy and England and we have the fabrics ready in store so that the clients don’t have to wait for fabrics to arrive from mills,” said Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan, founder of the brand.

WHYTE BESPOKE offers not only good value, but also exceptional service to its clients. The bespoke fashion boutique specialises in creation of ordinary suits, formal wear, trousers, jackets and all the modern as well as classic wear.

“At WHYTE BESPOKE, we source the finest fabrics of wool, cashmere, silk wool and cashmere wool blends for jackets suits and blazers. Our buttons, interlining and canvas is imported from worlds premium manufacturers that provides an unrivalled opportunity for lovers of fashion in the city,” added Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan.

Fashion has become a necessity in the Middle East. Like any developed economy, fashion is a way of life in Dubai, and the city with its unique offerings will soon become a fashion hub.

“The idea in creating WHYTE BESPOKE was to make available international quality suits locally. With the launch of our bespoke boutique, the fashion-conscious customer in Dubai will now not have to travel to Paris or London. In addition, with the run-up to Expo 2020 and other major events coming up in the following months, we’re confident that WHYTE BESPOKE will be the ‘to-go’ destination for luxurious men’s fashion,” concluded Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan.

Dubai’s ambition to become a fashion hub has got a hearty boost with the launch of the WHYTE BESPOKE, which is intended to develop the fashion, design and luxury sector in the region. By initiating this, Mohammed Murthuza Ali Khan is hoping that the boutique will encourage more nationals and expatriates in the country and the region to look to home-grown fashion brands, while providing an international taste.

Designed and priced to appeal to millennial males WHYTE BESPOKE line offers complete suiting options, including shirts and accessories. The recent collection consists of a variety of looks, followed by seasonal collections starting with fall 2017, available to consumers through its stores.


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