Emirati Designer Collaborates with BD Barcelona Design Commissioned by The Odd Piece

October 1, 2017
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Emirati Designer Collaborates with BD Barcelona Design Commissioned by The Odd Piece

BD Barcelona Design is pleased to announce their latest collaboration with Emirati Designer, Her Highness Sheikha Hind bint Majed Al Qassimi, for their International creative exhibition, PostCraft. The Collection will be unveiled on November 14, 2017 at the Odd Piece during Dubai Design Week.

Commissioned by The Odd Piece, Sheikha Hind’s ‘Is-Dher’ is her interpretation of the three historical periods- pre, during and post-oil era, that have defined the Middle East, in form of a collection of vases. She is a UAE-based entrepreneur and the founder of ‘Designed by Hind’, which focuses on producing collections of bespoke crockery that has become of the region’s leading brands of porcelain.

Shedding light on the collaboration, Arwa Hafiz, founder and owner of The Odd Piece, explains, “We see a pattern favouring simplicity, quality, unique and varied designs that focus on preserving local values and arts. With that in mind, it is so important to create diverse, yet limited editions of something meaningful with a story to relay in these times of global mass production. PostCraft is the perfect platform to materialize this thought. We are very proud to present our collaboration with Sheikha Hind.”


Explaining the collection, Sheikha Hind says, “The Vases represent the impact of each era on the other through fluidity and transitional qualities of their texture. With each period is represented by distinct textures of each vase.”


A raw and earthy coral effect symbolises the time before oil was discovered; a luxurious gold foil façade bears testimony to the wealth and prosperity that came with its’ discover; the post-oil world, driven by technology and sustainability, is shown through glossy metallic. Each piece of work has journeyed through time, and has a story to tell.

BD Barcelona Design, known for consistently supporting emerging contemporary design talent, are embracing local designers and local art galleries with PostCraft to highlight their work in the international marketspace to cultivate a diverse and varied design industry.


The PostCraft Collection exhibition is curated by Syrian-Spanish Designer, Samir Yamani, and also features works of Architect Maysam Al Nasser from Bahrain, Interior Designer Loula Al Radwan from Kuwait and the Gazzaz Brothers from Jeddah, along with five remarkable pieces from Barcelona Design’s permanent collection of Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi and Jaime Hayon.


Following the launch, the PostCraft Collection exhibition will tour the GCC, including BD Barcelona Design establishments in Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait and Bahrain.


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