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EVOPS Marketing & PR Highlights The Need for Integrated Marketing

July 11, 2018
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EVOPS Marketing & PR Highlights  The Need for Integrated Marketing

Social Media has compounded the speed, intensity and volume of information reaching people on a daily basis. Today, it is not only the most favoured form of marketing but for some businesses it is the only way of communication. However, can social media alone do the magic?


Hina Bakht, Managing Director, EVOPS Marketing & PR, said, “Social Media is no doubt the way forward, especially for consumer-facing brands, but it must be combined with other forms of marketing to achieve the desired results. Social media is a tool that can be very effectively used in a plan and can even lead the pack depending on the nature of business, but it can’t do everything by itself. Moreover, in a corporate capacity, it only has certain uses.”


Hina is of the opinion that all marketing campaigns must be well integrated together. She stressed, “Social media will work better and achieve greater results when combined with other forms of marketing. This is mainly because digital channels are so merged and integrated together. As an ever-evolving landscape, PR is morphing into social media and social media is meshing into search. Digital marketing success requires multi-disciplinary approach – be it social media marketing, SEO, paid search, display advertising or above-the-line. What social media does best is it allows you to engage and interact with the target audience.”


Hina further added, “For brands to make any meaningful connection with their target audience, social and content marketing must convey complex information in an entertaining, informative and compliant manner. It won’t happen if you just posted shortened versions of media releases on Facebook or Instagram.”


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EVOPS Marketing & PR is equipped with the latest technology and digital capability to provide businesses with the most comprehensive and innovative marketing solutions and strategies. With an integrated 360° marketing approach, the agency offers its high-profile clients bespoke, seamless and personalized service in an era of fast-paced, real-time smart marketing. Included in its services are marketing strategy consultancy, PR, social media, advertising, creative design, website and mobile app development, advertising and events management.

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