Exterior Wall Trends from Jotun take Centre Stage to Create Beautiful Homes

March 14, 2017
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Exterior Wall Trends from Jotun take Centre Stage to Create Beautiful Homes

In line with its rich heritage of timeless palettes and textures, Jotun one of the world’s major paint manufacturers, has further strengthened its Exterior portfolio with the launch of high-quality textures and colour collections within the Exterior Category; a range that adorns homes while offering superior protection and décor for external walls.


Introducing a new and premium innovation to its Jotashield range, a range that offers inspirational colour possibilities and a tough finish with colours that do not fade over time, is Jotashield Decor Travertine, a texture that has been inspired by the famous Travertine rock and provides a unique monumental appearance to exteriors. Accentuating the final look of traditional and modern homes, the texture contains coarse aggregates for a majestic stone finish providing homes the desired look. It is the first texture with heaves and is available in 500 long lasting colours. Travertine is a path breaking innovation that is set to offer a new level of creativity in the exterior realm to further beautify homes.



Sanjay Nair, Regional Category Manager – Exterior Paints, Jotun Middle East, India & Africa said, “Our exterior paint textures have been specially designed to create beautiful homes with a strong character while ensuring durability and long-lasting protection. Travertine is a break-through that combines protection with an emphasis on décor to further reinstate our promise of innovation as a key tool leading us to provide our customers with the latest in paint trends to create fine-looking homes for timeless elegance.”


Highlighting striking textures to create inspirational and elegant walls, Jotun’s exterior category features a range of unique textures for home owners to choose from; Jotashield Decor Traditional Tex, Jotashield Decor Antique Tex, Jotashield Decor High Build, Jotashield Décor High Build Fine and the brand new Jotashield Decor Travertine.



Highlighting five exquisite colour themes featured in the Jotashield exterior category, each individually designed theme narrates a unique story of its own set in different time periods, giving homes the personality it deserves.

Inspired by ancient civilizations, The Dawn of History showcases unique earthy tones, browns and beiges while European Elegance is all about highlighting European aesthetics amidst the rich Middle Eastern architecture with its teals and neutrals for those seeking true elegance. The Golden Age evokes richness and grandeur of Arab architecture with soothing shades, extraordinary greens and blues & mesmerizing pinks and yellows.


The Avante-Garde is a theme that gives freedom in combining different décor styles with a mix of bright and colourful palettes, textures and styles creating cutting-edge exteriors; the palette includes contemporary greys, hypnotic black, brick reds and rusted oranges. Finally, Everlasting Harmony stands the test of time and exudes serenity and style with soft and elegant hues from pastels, light shades and near whites that are never in or out of fashion and for enduring experiences.



The five colour themes are featured as part of Jotun’s Jotashield Range.


Jotashield Decor offers a selection of elegant textures that are long-lasting with advanced performance, offering full protection and low maintenance costs, keeping quality and finesse intact. One of its kind in the category across the region, Jotashield Colourxtreme is an ultra-premium quality exterior paint that protects buildings from harsh weather conditions and delivers a strong paint film with unparalleled resistance to dirt pick up, cracking, flaking and chalking. The paint beautifies homes with long lasting beautiful shades, maximum colour performance for several years, low maintenance while also contributing to a greener environment. Another product that sets Jotun apart in the Exterior category is Jotashield Colourlast, a unique invention with individualistic properties that protects homes, offering a new level of creativity and beautification, advanced colour performance and longer life cycles.


Jotashield Decor, Jotashield ColourLast and Jotashield ColourXtreme ranges are available across Jotun stores and leading hardware stores across the region.



Annexure: The themed exterior wall trends for 2017 by Jotun

From the markets of Morocco to the deserts of Arabia, the Dawn of History narrates the story of prehistory to the present day. From elegant earthy tones to richly colored browns and beiges, the themed selection is guaranteed to elevate homes to new heights of style and sophistication while reflecting the true Middle Eastern experience.


Characterized by significant advances in various fields including culture, art and music, The Islamic Golden Age evokes the richness and grandeur of Arab architecture. The Golden Age, another of Jotun’s 2017 trends for home exteriors, channels the visual finesse and subtle beauty of Arab homes. The theme is replete with shades of verdant green and blue, as well as tones of pink and yellow, reflective of a unique style that is as relevant even today.


With flavors from Europe to the Middle East, European Elegance is all about combining rich architectural and design heritage of Middle East with modern western features and a soothing colour palette. The colour tones include soothing teals and neutrals enhancing the beauty of walls and demonstrating finest elegance.


The Avant-Garde is about homes with cheery colours, patterns and a mix of various textures and styles in your décor. It is about combining innovation with rationality and functionality. With a major impact on architecture, the category narrates the language of fine design with minimal ornamentation and emphasizes on exterior colours such as modern greys, hypnotic blacks, brick reds and rusted oranges.


The enduring palette of Everlasting Harmony stands the test of time with styles and hues that are never in or out of fashion – they last forever. From the elegance of pastels, light shades and off-whites, these shades exude serenity and style.



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