Ferial Youakim launches her book Beyond Beauty FORMER REFUGEE IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS

June 11, 2018
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Ferial Youakim launches her book Beyond Beauty FORMER REFUGEE IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS

Ferial Youakim, the president of the image experts society, global entrepreneur and image consultant, signed her  newly released book “Beyond Beauty – Former Refugee in search of Happiness”, at Virgin Megastore, the global leader in retail entertainment. Youakim signed complimentary copies for attendees in the presence of a host of press and media representatives and a number of social figures. The book sales will go to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that is concerned with Palestinian refugees.

The book narrates the biography of businesswoman Ferial Youakim, who started her life as a refugee in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon to overcome difficulties and succeed in becoming a businesswoman and community speaker who views the whole world as her homeland.

“When people look at who I am now, they see a strong fighter who stands up for the things in which she believe, and they see someone who is successful and influential. Those who have read my newest book, though, know that my life has not always been easy. In addition to being born in a refugee camp (Mar Elias) and being denied basic human rights, I have also faced many other situations that made me feel lost and hopeless, but I refused to give up on my dreams.” said Youakim.

Youakim considers her book a source of inspiration for every refugee, a story of success and overcoming difficulties, where she talked about growing up without learning opportunities and crippling self-esteem issues. Today she is a successful businesswoman, being the founder of ByFerial, an image-consulting firm which specializes in improving image and appearance, teaching etiquette and enhancing self-confidence. Youakim was recently elected to head the Association of Image Consultants International.





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