Gedeon & Co launch Zimmerli of Switzerland in Downtown Beirut

November 13, 2017
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Gedeon & Co launch Zimmerli of Switzerland in Downtown Beirut

On November 9th, Gedeon & Co launched the all-new branch of Zimmerli of Switzerland on Foch Street in Downtown Beirut, in the presence of more than 300 guests  and media.

Zimmerli of Switzerland is one of the world finest underwear since 1871, and produce handmade goods using only the highest quality material: raw silk, merino wool and cotton.

During the launching cocktail which was organized by Events Production, Toni Gedeon, the Chairman of Gedeon & Co said, “The partnership between Gedeon & Co. and Zimmerli of Switzerland dates to more than 50 years. Therefore, it is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome you to the inauguration of the first Zimmerli mono-brand store in Downtown Beirut as we seek to do justice to the prestige of Zimmerli and give them recognition as the most luxurious underwear brand in the world.”

The Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Monika Schmutz Kirgöz added, “I am delighted to see Zimmerli opening its first mono-brand store in Beirut. As every Swiss woman, I am a fan of this company that was founded in 1871 by a woman – Pauline Zimmerli, who received her husband’s support when she began to produce on the newly invented knitting machine what is now known as one of the world’s finest underwear.

Moreover Marcel Hossli, the CEO of Zimmerli, who was present at the opening event added, “Lebanon and Switzerland have been maintaining a strong and fruitful relationship for decades. There are many similarities which lay a natural foundation for their partnership: democracy, multiculturalism, scarce natural resources, as well as, the beauty of their landscapes, and the positive attitude of their citizens. Finally, I am very happy to announce another strong link between the two countries: the opening of the first Zimmerli Boutique in the Middle East. As of today, there is no more need to travel to the European flagship stores in Paris, London, Geneva or Berlin to purchase the world’s finest underwear. Fourteen hundred Swiss residing in Lebanon as well as our passionate clientele from all over the region can now buy our handmade products on 229 Foch Street in Downtown Beirut.”

Michel Gedeon, the COO of Gedeon & Co revealed, “My grandfather Michel E. Gedeon acquired the agency rights of Zimmerli of Switzerland for the Middle East in 1964. Three generations later, I can undoubtedly affirm that our collaboration has been mutually beneficial and I am delighted to be carrying on this legacy with the opening of this store. We, at Gedeon & Co., are looking to expand our retail operations and are expecting 2018 to be a big year for us. Make sure you follow Gedeon & Co. on our social media platforms as we plan on bringing you more wonderful events in the coming year!


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