Get in summer mode this year with SALLY HANSEN with the Desert Collection

July 12, 2018
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Get in summer mode this year with SALLY HANSEN with the Desert Collection

Whatever your summer plans, whether it be you jetting off on a Desert adventure or exploring a new city, Sally Hansen is sure to be included in your suitcase! With all 6 polishes being in shimmery shades of browns and nudes, Sally Hansen wants you to match up a shade with your favorite summer dress…


Not only are there 6 luscious shades to die for, Sally Hansen makes sure to tick every benefit box you can think of…

  1. The polishes care for the growth of your nails
  2. The polishes come with a base coat – hence application is a layer less…how efficient!
  3. The polishes come with a top coat…did you read that right? Yes, you did. First base coat and now top coat! This is too much (exciting) for us to handle…
  4. Gel shine finish…no it can’t be. Oh, yes it can be…Say goodbye to the salon visit and hello to Sally Hansen!
  5. The polishes are chip resistant – what more can you ask for when on a summer holiday? On so very convenient
  6. The polishes are Keratin complex…helps build strong and flexible nails!
  7. The polishes help strengthen your nails…we mean, the more polish, the better – a polish a day keeps the doctor away!


The collection includes the below gorgeous shades:


#216 YouGlowGirl…inspired by the golden sands of the desert

#250 Mudslide…just like the smooth and silky sand dunes

#237 WorldsMyOyster…for those with a golden tan, matches perfect with sand between your toes

#320 RaisinTheBar…a golden tan with a touch of pink…very chic

#374 MauveAlong…for the sophisticated women who still likes an occasional stroll in the desert

#220 CafeAuLait… apply this shade and drink a café late whilst overlooking the beautiful desert sunset



Desert Collection unit price: AED 41 including VAT


Point of Sales:

Carrefour, Spinneys, Waitrose, Union Coop, Lulu supermarket, Boots pharmacy, Lifestyle.


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