Gucci High Shine Lipstick Collection (AED220)

May 12, 2018
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Gucci High Shine Lipstick Collection (AED220)

Conveying a vintage beauty look with a contemporary lens, Gucci Cosmetics introduces the new High Shine Lipstick Collection.

Formulated for intense color and luster, eight shades are created with the same key tones of the Deep Matte Lipstick Collection.

The lineup of pale pinks, orange-reds, pink-reds and intense reds includes Heartbreaker, a rich claret shade, Blossom, rose pink, and Iconic Red, a classic cardinal red.

The look

Intensely pigmented, Gucci High Shine Lipstick coats the lips with gleaming saturated color for a bold look.

The lipstick’s slender casing allows for ultra-precision in coating and defining the exact shape of lips.

The formula

The lightweight, creamy formula imparts a smooth soft texture onto the lips.

A glossy finish is imbued with the full blown color of lipstick, achieved by rich pigments.

The campaign

A portrait of sensual femininity, the video and print campaign shows Sedona Legge in a phone booth making a call,

with a focus on her glossy red lips. Dreamy sunlight and blue skies illuminate the cityscape around her.

The imagery by Petra Collins captures a languid, retro vibe, contrasted with the modern attitude in the model’s self-assured gaze.

Art directed by Chris Simmonds, the campaign also includes a beauty still life in an urban setting.

Inside the phone booth an open High Shine lipstick sits on the ledge, together with romantic personal objects of this contemporary woman: crystal and pearl vintage style earrings and pink lensed sunglasses.


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