May 2, 2017
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In 2017, Terracotta has been reinvented and Guerlain has created must-have new products that leave us feeling good inside and out all year round, with or without the sun.


A comprehensive collection with its new arrivals, collector’s items, basics and limited editions that illuminate skin with a natural golden glow and revive its radiance.

A collection offering a host of face and body rituals, allowing every woman to obtain a natural tan whenever she wishes – while waiting for the sun to appear or under its rays; adjust the intensity for made-to-measure colour; and choose a matte or shimmer finish.

A selection of timeless classics to adopt right away to make summer start today and last all year long.

Act 1

for the sun


Sun Trio


Often seen as an overly complicated technique that creates an overly artificial effect, contouring has nonetheless established itself as a major trend over the past few years.

For women looking for a more natural result and easier application with the same benefits, Guerlain has devised an easy chic contouring palette. Designed as a bronzing and contouring palette in one, Terracotta Sun Trio boasts three perfectly balanced shades that allow you to create the sun-kissed complexion of your dreams, using an extremely intuitive application technique.


Feel the sun… and… feel good!

soft contouring

Forget complicated tutorials, with Terracotta Sun Trio, contouring is within everyone’s reach and remains incredibly chic. Here’s how to beautifully sculpt your face in 3D.


Beauty tips

Blend the three colours as you wish to create your customised shade. And as Terracotta Sun Trio comes in three harmonies, the combinations are endless. All you have to do is tailor your golden glow to match the season and your mood…


  1. TAN

Warm up your complexion by applying
the Bronzer section to the curved areas of the face, drawing a “3” on each side of the face.


  1. contour
    shadow matte texture

Sculpt your tan by applying the Shadow section under the cheekbones, on the sides of the forehead and on the wings of the nose.



Illuminate your complexion by applying
the Highlighter section to the temples, above the cheekbones and to the T-zone.




Ultra Shine
& Ultra Matte


To switch up the effects, Terracotta is offering these two new powders with ultra-matte and ultra-shine finishes.


Scattered with extremely fine pearl particles, Terracotta Ultra Shine recreates the effect of skin with a satin sheen in dazzling sunlight.

With a truly matte finish, Terracotta Ultra Matte leaves no room for shine, without missing out on radiance thanks to the finesse of its powder and its warm tone.


complexion variations

With Terracotta Ultra Shine, play with light and create a radiant strobing effect, adding just the right amount of powder as a highlighter above the curve of the cheekbone.

Feel free to blend it with your unset foundation for an incredibly natural finish.

With Terracotta Ultra Matte, apply all over the face for an ultra-matte finish or simply accent the contours, applying the powder in the hollows of the cheeks or along the outline of the face.

Another unique feature of this collector’s duo is its revitalising complex with “Vitamin T” for… Terracotta! In other words, an intelligent combination of vitamins C and E with antioxidant properties.


talisman packaging

Discover the new dress code for this white and gold case, which can be reused once the powder is finished. Nestled under the lid, a large mirror makes for easier touch-ups, while the golden cylinder reveals the bronzing powder. Magnetic!






Terracotta Sunless, a lightweight new mist with a buildable intensity and an intoxicating fragrance, easily recreates a radiant, sun-kissed tan with a fail-safe natural finish, when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Totally translucent on application, this self-tanning mist is quickly absorbed to create a made-to-measure golden glow.


Don’t forget that Terracotta Sunless can also be used on the face, combining the mist with your day cream. Its highly moisturising glycerine and aloe vera complex leaves skin even more beautiful.

More than a mere self-tanner, it represents a real beauty step…

  • 1 application illuminates skin.
  • 2 applications boost the tan’s intensity.
  • 3 applications recreate a summer tan.

The choice is yours!







With the arrival of the better weather, the desire to wear a skirt is as strong as the desire to hide your pasty legs. To beautifully solve this recurring spring headache, Guerlain offers Terracotta Jolies Jambes tinted lotion, which gives sun-starved legs a beautiful sun-kissed glow as well as blurring minor skin blemishes. Choose the right colour from two ultra-natural shades – “Fair” and “Medium”.

After your body cream, apply Terracotta Jolies Jambes all over legs for an even effect.

Legs immediately look smooth and golden… in short, fabulous!

Complexes vanish and your morale soars, boosted by the exhilarating aromas of the Terracotta fragrance and its vanilla and tiare notes.

Don’t worry; the Terracotta Jolies Jambes formula not only resists sweat and rubbing but is also transfer-proof. It simply washes away in the shower with soap.

  • Fair – Blondes • Medium – Brunettes


How do you say magic in the language of the sun?



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