Happy Emirati Women’s Day at Media Rotana

August 31, 2018
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Happy Emirati Women’s Day  at Media Rotana

Media Rotana hosts an event on the 28th of August to celebrate the Emirati Women’s Day. This special event featured a lot of activities for all ages, the role of the Emirati Women in the UAE and on how the history has progressed through the ages in their view.


“I am proud that Emirati women have been able, in a short period of time, to build and consolidate their position in all fields at the national, regional and global levels and contribute to the process of sustainable economic and social development” commented Sherif Madkour, the General Manager at Media Rotana who contributed to the event with his opening speech of women who “shaped the UAE through their constant drive and collaboration”.


During the event, guest speakers talked about their experiences in the UAE and the ways in which their lives have been influenced by these women. Guests were able to enjoy the traditions of Emirati fashion, culture and the taste traditional Emirati cuisines. Furthermore, guests of all ages were able  to understand the lifestyle that Emirati women experience daily and talked about their personal experiences in the UAE especially in regards to the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and how he took the power he had in the UAE to encourage women in all roles.


Media Rotana and Nashama Emirati Volunteers worked hard together and created the event from scratch, organising meetings together and merging their input and vision of the event to develop it in the perspective of Emirati women and how they would want it celebrated. Head of the Nashama Volunteer Team Essa Al-Badwawi spoke of his gratitude stated that “Behind every successful man is a woman, whatever her role, whether she is a mother, a wife, a sister or a daughter”.


Through this collaboration the day was a successful festivity and enlightened many people of the multiple roles women in the UAE hold and how it affects the culture of the UAE.  Many of the additional advocators to the event were Abeer Kazboor whose photography was displayed at the event, as well as OG Group a sponsor of the event. The occasion was a success and was well received by guests, a great celebration for the Emirati Women in the UAE.


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