Herrera Confidential Releases Gold Incense, the Fusion of Power and Beau

May 7, 2017
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Herrera Confidential Releases Gold Incense, the Fusion of Power and Beau

The most exclusive collection of House of Herrera fuses power and majestic beauty in the first fragrance of its newest collection Eastern Treasures

New York City, December 22th, 2016. Within the exclusive Herrera Confidential collection, Eastern Treasures celebrates Arabian alchemy, its tradition and culture with a repertoire of fragrances that are synonymous with ancient heritage as well as fine luxury.

With Gold Incense, the first fragrance of the collection, Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, evokes the memory of her mother on a perfume that reflects Carolina Herrera’s admiration for Eastern cultures and their understanding of perfume as part of a timeless elegance.

“Carolina Herrera represents confidence, style, and modern refinement; but always elegance first with beauty at its core.” Carolina Herrera.

Created in collaboration with Master Perfumer Pierre-Constantin Guéros, Gold Incense offers a modern reinterpretation of frankincense as an ancient perfumery ingredient in a sophisticated, opulent, and entirely genderless way. Frankincense of the highest quality was once more treasured than gold; its ethereal and complex fragrance blends nuances of resins, sumptuous leaves, and wood.

“The unparalleled scent of incense remained our primary inspiration, the evocative aromas of the different varieties, intense colors characteristic of the Middle East and its deserts, and warm hospitality integral to Arab traditions.” Carolina Herrera de Baez.

Powerful and elegant, Gold Incense evokes memories from another time and place with a modern olfactive structure bringing together the mystic scent of tapestries imbued with centuries of incense smoke and the modern luxury of the Middle East. The intense aroma of Boswellia Sacra Incense opens the high mass of Gold Incense, giving way to its gloriously smoky and resinous heart. Atlas Cedarwood and Labdanum dull the edges of this reverent fragrance while the Marigold and the Vanilla Caviar notes tame and bring this opulent mystery closer.

This versatile fragrance can be worn by itself or in combination with the oils of Herrera Confidential matching perfectly with the Oil of Rose and the Oil of Musk. The richness of the natural frankincense complements and enriches the collection with a dusky blend of deep exotic impressions.

Surrounded by the magic of Middle East, the fragrance joins House of Herrera’s iconic universe of classic scents in the tradition of fine perfumery. As every Carolina Herrera fragrance, Gold Incense expresses the prestige, elegance, and glamour associated with the designer’s name.

Gold Incense will be officially released from February until June 2017 in Spain, Mexico, Middle East, Republic of South Africa, and between July and September 2017 in the UK and Russia. Launch dates might vary depending on markets.



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