Hili Mall to host a spectacular ‘Eid Fiesta’ for Eid Al Adha

September 1, 2017
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Hili Mall to host a spectacular ‘Eid Fiesta’ for Eid Al Adha

An array of fun-filled performances, activities and attractions will dazzle residents in Al Ain and the UAE throughout the Eid Al Adha holidays at Hill Mall. Termed as the ‘Eid Fiesta’, Hili Mall will usher in a diverse line-up of events celebrations including Wonderland Circus, LED Butterfly Ballet Dance, Bubble Acrobat, Ribbon Dance, African Drumming, Bubble Show and Giant Ball Walking.


“Hili Mall’s ‘Eid Fiesta’ is packed with engaging entertainment activities, making Al Ain a fabulous short-break getaway for visitors from other emirates and GCC countries,” said Saeed Sultan Al Dhaheri, CEO – Hili Mall.


“As an annual celebration that unites people of different nationalities from across the region, our ‘Eid Fiesta’ this year is designed to offer memorable moments for families, residents and visitors,” added Al Dhaheri.


Hili Mall will also host a Kids Workshop from the first till fourth day of Eid Al Adha. The mall will also encourage interaction with the audience through some simple questions which will be posed to the audience after each show, with special gifts and vouchers from the mall tenants.


With Eid Al Adha coinciding with schools holidays across the UAE, Hili Mall is anticipating higher footfall this year. At the first half of 2017, Hili Mall’s footfall increased 18% compared to 2016.


“Eid Al Adha is the most anticipated holiday and with schools yet not open and summers setting in, we’re sure that the public would want to spend time at indoor entertainment facilities. With an incredible mix of shows and activities spread across four days during Eid Al Adha, the ‘Eid Fiesta’ at Hili Mall promises world-class entertainment to all its visitors.” concluded Al Dhaheri.



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