Hotelier Summit Africa 2017 to focus on sustainability from October 4th-6th in Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco

September 17, 2017
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Hotelier Summit Africa 2017 to focus on sustainability from October 4th-6th in Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco

With organisations increasingly adopting the approach to sustainability, the 2017 edition of Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will focus on sustainable practices, conscious cleaning solutions and energy efficient advancements in real estate and hospitality industry. This important event will be held from October 4th-6th in Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco.

The Morocco Green Building Council (MGBC) is the Official Sustainability Partner of the initiative and the event is also officially endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Morocco. Mr. Zakaria Saddik, the President of the MGBC will address the delegates during the welcome reception on October 4th 2017.

The MGBC promotes and reinforces sustainable building knowledge and practices in Morocco, it also allows the population to live in comfortable, efficient, productive spaces with minimum environmental impact.

“Businesses are increasingly paying more attention to the social dimension of sustainable development. In light of the increased awareness, the 13th edition of Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will offer key insights on green certifications, implementing energy management best practices and the benefits that come with investing in sustainable properties,” said Ravi Kumar Chandran, Director of IDE.

“Sustainability is one of the most important issues currently facing our world and MGBC has been a strong force in the country endorsing and practicing ecological practices. While our partnership with MGBC will bring to forefront some of the best sustainable practices and environmentally and culturally responsible measures, it will also highlight the importance of sustainable design and operations. Through highlighting environmental advancements at the Summit, we hope to inspire industry-wide commitment to embracing and proliferating sustainable development as standard practice to help preserve the global and local environments and cultures,” added Ravi Kumar Chandran.

Over the years, Morocco has adopted several policies and strategies in various fields such as renewable energy, infrastructure, health, education and transportation for a sustainable development and an integrated and inclusive approach. The country has also received a total of USD 2.5 billion worth of loans from The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) for vital projects that help accelerate economic and social development in Morocco.

“Renewable energy and green economy are part of modernisation and to ensure economic growth for the country, it is essential to build a reliable bridge to the future through strategic sustainable projects. The Hotelier Summit Africa (North) will therefore provide a step-by-step approach to sustainable development that will not only boost the economic growth of the country, but also address the main challenges of our time and adapt to global changes,” concluded Ravi Kumar Chandran.

The panels and breakout sessions at the summit will cover topics including the latest advancements in green design, corporate responsibility programs, and how to market eco-friendly developments. In addition, the event will feature a dynamic area where attendees can connect with leading hospitality green suppliers and experts.

The ultimate aim of the Hotelier Summit North Africa is to set Africa on a path of rapid and sustained growth, so much so that the whole world perceives Africa as an example for modern growth and development.


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