IDRAAC Hosts Symposium on Suicide in Lebanon

February 28, 2018
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IDRAAC Hosts Symposium on Suicide in Lebanon

IDRAAC (Institute for Development Research Advocacy and Applied Care) in association with the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the St Georges Hospital University Medical Center and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Balamand organized a symposium title: “Suicide in Lebanon: Where Are We?”. Results from the studies that were discussed during the symposium showed that Lebanese suicide attempts, estimated at 2%, are almost the mean value of suicide attempts in 17 countries worldwide (2.7%). According to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s estimates, Lebanon is far below the global mean of completed suicides (0.2% in Lebanon as compared to 1.4% globally). The director generals of the Ministries of Public Health, Interior and Municipalities and Justice revealed that joint efforts have been exerted by their ministries in order to update the laws, to improve the reporting of deaths mechanism, to unify death certificates and to determine the role of the forensic doctors. They also stressed the importance of suicide prevention through providing mental health services and establishing a helpline for suicide.


The symposium, was held at the Balamand University-Achrafieh, with the participation of experts who discussed the subject of suicide from different perspectives: mental health, governmental, legal, religious, academic and civil society.


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