Introducing the First Collection of Luxurious Oriental Scents from Juicy Couture

April 27, 2017
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Introducing the First Collection of Luxurious Oriental Scents from Juicy Couture

Iconic LA fashion brand Juicy Couture introduces a new era of its best-selling fragrance portfolio with the sumptuous Regal Collection, a new exotic fragrance innovation. The Regal Collection introduces Royal Rose and Majestic Woods, the first two fragrances in a series of premium oriental scents inspired by exotic lands and fairy tales.

The Regal Collection transports the Juicy Girl to a mysterious world of her infinite imagination. The uplifting femininity of Royal Rose inspires her to dream bigger and deeper than ever, while the intoxicating Majestic Woods envelops her and those around her with warmth and sensuality. The distinctly memorable scents of Royal Rose and Majestic Woods are the keys to an exquisite journey through space and time into a mystical world where anything is possible.


My inspiration was to showcase another facet of Juicy Couture with elements of dark sensuality and true luxury. This Regal Collection presents a new side of the Juicy Couture fragrance portfolio: a fairytale at dusk and an expansive journey across space and time. I wanted to create scents that transported the wearer to these places of imagination, sensuality and depth.”
–Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer at Firmenich




Luxurious and elegant, Royal Rose brings together velvet-like floralcy and the most premium notes for a scent as uplifting and deep as it is regal. This enigmatic bouquet of feminine and bold notes inspires the wearer to harness her inner queen.



Soft Rose de Mai blends with a touch of volumptuous Heliotrope to create a scent that is both feminine and majestic.



Dynamic Incense and silky Suede give the fragrance an undertone of depth and tranquility.



Seductive Sandalwood flirts with Woody Amber and creamy Musk, ending with a warm sensation.




This enticing, bold scent brings together gorgeous ambers and dry woods to create a powerful fragrance, fit for royalty. Captivating and provocative, Majestic Woods empowers and emboldens any woman who wears it.



Sweet Tonka mixes with Rich Praline to open the fragrance with a beautiful contrast that is both rich and sensual.



Musky Ambrox and Warm Amber create an earthy combination that adds mystery and depth.



Titular Majestic Woods provide a dramatic base, with dark intrigue of Patchouli lending a burst of intoxicating scent.



Like the rarest treasure of all the lands, the new Regal Collection bottle stands on a grand pedestal. The golden shield-shaped charms around the nape of the classic bottle add majestic touches while coils of silken rope immediately glisten in pink and golden amber hues. An architectural, jewel-shaped stopper completes the premium design.


The soft-touch black packaging embossed with the color of each fragrance creates drama and mystery, and the Juicy Couture crest announces the heritage of each fragrance to all who see it. While the scents stand out from all the rest of the Juicy Couture Fragrances, they give a nod to the Juicy Couture DNA of pink, gold, and adventure.


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