Jaguar Land Rover’s new ‘Buy Online’ e-commerce platform is fully loaded with convenience and functionality

November 26, 2017
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Jaguar Land Rover’s new ‘Buy Online’ e-commerce platform is fully loaded with convenience and functionality

Already established at the forefront of automotive design, engineering and technology, Jaguar Land Rover is proving itself to be equally visionary in the retail environment. Currently pioneering the use of e-commerce, the British carmaker’s new online sales website is just the first step of an even more ambitious technology roll-out plan that will enhance the car ownership experience through its digital platforms.  

Known as the “Future Customer Experience”, Jaguar Land Rover’s strategic vision allows the carmaker to keep pace with the ever-growing use of mobile and digital technology impacting car owners. In partnership with all its GCC retailers, Jaguar Land Rover’s MENA regional office has introduced a digital platform that facilitates customers’ car-buying process through the websites and

By adding speed, ease and clarity to the experience of ultimately taking ownership of a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle, the company believes it has found a premium platform for its customers who lead busy lives yet want choice and convenience when selecting a new car.

Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA said; “This dynamic and exciting digital experience is accessible through dedicated retailer websites for our Jaguar and Land Rover customers, which seamlessly guides them through the process of selecting a vehicle that is right for them. The added value is that through the website the customer can go on a journey to select a vehicle from a live inventory, receive a finance quotation and finally book their desired vehicle. Alternatively, if they already know what they want, the ordering process is even simpler.”

Chris Wilde, Sales Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, says customers increasingly expect to be able to interact in the digital world as much as the physical world. “We know how important digital technology has become to our customer base. Consumers are busier than ever these days and we are accommodating their dynamic lifestyles by bringing the showroom directly to them and providing a virtual sales booking experience. Among other functionality, customers will be able to see our available inventory online, and if they see the Jaguar or Land Rover they want, they can book their desired vehicle straight away. Being able to receive a provisional quote for their trade in vehicle will also permit the calculation of different options for financing their purchase. It comes down to Jaguar Land Rover staying ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer shopping trends and e-commerce technology.”

Additional functionality is already in the pipeline to add greater convenience and transparency in the purchasing experience for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the GCC region. Customers will have access to a whole suite of enhanced services and features, allowing them to book Approved Pre-Owned vehicles online, obtain estimates of trade-in vehicles, engage with retailers via live online chat and also be able to take advantage of retail offers published online.


Bruce Robertson added; “Knowing our customer base as we do, we are confident that our new e-commerce platform is going to meet their needs. Jaguar Land Rover buyers tend to be early adopters of new technology who embrace change. We’re sure they are going to enjoy the convenience and functionality of our new digital sales experience as much as they enjoy owning and driving our products!”


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