Kérastase Reflection

January 6, 2018
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Kérastase Reflection

The expert in haircare Kérastase introduced its best selling Reflection range in 2004. Since then, Reflection has been adopted by women around the world for its remarkable expertise in caring for colored hair. The Reflection range is always evolving to reflect the latest breakthroughs in the science of color care.

In 2017, Kérastase took innovation further. Not only did it reformulate the Reflection range, it also introduced new heights of customized care, with a revolutionary approach in chromatic correction, Les Touches Chromatiques, the first color correcting ink-in-care for color-treated hair.

Kérastase understands that a woman colors her hair as the ultimate expression of her personality. As experts at the cutting edge of hair science, each luxurious Kérastase product and ritual is backed by over 50 years experience. This legacy is complemented by the hairdresser’s expertise. Above all, Kérastase recognizes that coloring hair can be empowering. No matter what the reason for coloring ­– whether to cover grey, appear younger, or express her identity – a woman always seeks the same result: a rich, luminous shade, with a deep, dazzling shine and a sublime hair feel.


Therefore, a woman’s care products for colored hair must deliver specialized treatments and extensive care to prolong the intensity of the color and preserve the integrity of the hair fiber. Products that can deliver all this are highly desired: they must cleanse, nourish, and treat while adding shine and life to hair that feels sublime. Additionally, women seek products that can revive and maintain color as its initial ‘state of grace’ begins to fade. That’s where Kérastase’s Reflection comes in. Now, the range has been upgraded to reflect its capabilities as a true specialist in extraordinary care, prolonging intensity of color, and for the first time, offering a whole new level of personalized shade care.


In the Reflection range, Les Touches Chromatiques is available in four shades for the ultimate color enhancement that is completely customized, at home and in the salon. These include Cool Blond, Cool Brown, Copper, and Red. Les Touches Chromatiques is inspired by make-up, where highly pigmented shades correct, balance and illuminate skin tones that look uneven. Using the science of color correction, based on the classic color wheel, Les Touches Chromatiques uses balancing colors in ultra-pigmented dyes to even out chromatic irregularities and revive shimmering reflections, resulting in long-lasting color correction. It also creates a long-lasting sublimity of hair texture, re-plumping hair to make it infinitely soft to the touch, revealing a mirror-like shine from deep within the hair shaft.


Following up with the newly formulated Reflection Masque Chromatique offers effective, luxurious, at home or in-salon color-care that is deeply personalized.  Available in two versions, for fine or thick hair, Masque Chromatique is suitable for sensitized, color-treated or highlighted hair, adding to it an incomparable softness, bounce and mirror-like shine. The hair’s color intensity and brilliance is then proven to continue for up to 40 days.



Reflection Les Touches Chromatique. AED 220

Reflection Masque Chromatique, AED 240




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