May 20, 2017
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Tropic Heat is the second of the 7 capsule collections created in collaboration with the up-and-coming designers selected by Vogue Talents to celebrate 20 years of KIKO MILANO. It was designed by Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso, both new entries in the Italian fashion system and the creative geniuses behind the Leitmotiv brand.

The 2 designers have created a fun, lively collection. Tropic Heat is colourful, playful and simply bursting with good vibes. The eclectic style of the designers characterizes the look of the products with floral and fruity decorations.

The sunny mood, scents and colours of the summer are revived in the make-up too: the pastel colours are another reference to the shades of fruit and the fruity fragrances that distinguish some of the products make the collection even more fun.  The textures are sensory stimulating and ultra-fine for a fresh, lightweight make-up effect. The make-up look is vivacious and intense.

In addition to the packaging of the make-up products, Leitmotiv has also designed a pochette featuring a fun, springtime pattern for Tropic Heat. The collection also includes a refreshing eye mask, a true ally in the battle to relieve the symptoms of fatigue.

By purchasing the Tropic Heat products, you can customize the fantastic KIKO bracelet with the charm dedicated to the second capsule collection.

Find out more on our website KIKO MILANO will dedicate an entire section to the new limited edition collection. Here, you will be able to learn more about individual products by reading the detailed product sheets.

Additionally, KIKO will publish photos, videos, application tips and other content on its social channels.
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We put a few questions to the designers of Leitmotiv to discover a little more about them and their partnership with KIKO, and you can read their answers below:


     Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO?

We were immediately excited to take part in this project.

We find really interesting to collaborate with Kiko for different reasons. First of all, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with brands that carry on, as ours, the skill and uniqueness of Made in Italy; we are very happy to see the success of these brands in the world.

Furthermore, Kiko, like us, loves and looks at the women. Like us, with their products they take care of the beauty and the delight of the women of our time.



Where did you take inspiration from to create the KIKO collection?

The main inspiration for this collection is  freshness and the colours of spring and summer, their vibrancy and animation. We draw shapes and figures from the nature and its lightness.

We wanted to talk about beauty, pleasure, life, that are the DNA of  our brand.

We wanted to create something that capture the attention with its aesthetic harmony.


How would you describe your brand style and how have you incorporated this into the design?

I think that the main characteristic of our brand is the eclecticism. Playing with colours and figures, we try to create a constantly evolving style. We try to build every time many aesthetic worlds that allow the woman to have fun and bringing  out their femininity.

We think that the Kiko capsule collection offers the same chance to the powerful woman of our time: it’s a joking proposal!!!

She can play whit herself, she can run through different identities, she can choose what playing at.


Are you showing at fashion week this year? If so, where/when?

On 24th September, at the Scalone Arengario,in Milan, we have presented our 2017 Spring Summer Collection- Deer Dance.


How did you participate in the collection? What did you do exactly?

We chose to take part in this project in a vivacious, energetic and sparkling way. We wade into the freshness of the colors, in the taste of the tropic fruits of the summer, realizing different packagings that show our inspiring force.


Why you chose to collaborate with KIKO, your inspirations, challenges you faced in making this capsule collection?


We think that Leitmotiv and Kiko identities have a lot of points in common, so it was so exciting to join them in this project.

It was a very fun challenge for us to extract our vitaminic ingredients and concentrate all of them  in this little packagings, like magic and powerful ampoules empty of freshness and vitality. Refreshed pills always available in every woman handbag.








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