LakayCreation Opens its Doors in Beirut

May 16, 2017
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LakayCreation Opens its Doors in Beirut

On Thursday May 11, LakayCreation opened the doors of its new showroom located in Beirut Central District, in a glamorous event hosting renowned Lebanese architects, media representatives and social figures. The attendees had the chance to discover the upscale two-floor showroom, featuring custom-made kitchens, bedrooms, TV units, wardrobes and cabinetry.

Founded by well-established wood experts, passionate about bespoke designs, LakayCreation was born from a family teamwork. Specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of home furniture, LakayCreation offers designs that can be customized according to the customer’s satisfaction and preferences. All LakayCreation work is created with the most environmentally friendly wood products and includes exclusive antibacterial accessories and equipment. One is only to be taken away while entering the area by the recognized professionalism and creativity of the designers’ work.

“Lakay means home in Haitian. In the 19th century, Haitian architects found inspiration in Parisian architecture movements. Back on their island, they had to adapt designs they learnt to fit their needs and the specificities of Caribbean living conditions. Houses were usually build out of wood,” says Nadine Sinno, one of the co-founders.

Holding onto their philosophy “seek out inspiration and put your own spin on it so that it becomes uniquely you”, LakayCreation encourages a deep discussion between its team of designers and the customers. This is only to show that the outcome is perfected as both parties exchange thoughts and aspirations while planning.

“We take pride in executing our projects exclusively in Lebanon. It also allows for more flexibility and versatility. As for products such as kitchen worktops, sinks, kitchens and closets accessories, they are chosen carefully at high-end factories with which we have established a trustworthy relationship,” adds Sinno.


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