The Lebanese Wine Day 2018 in Switzerland: Organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture And showcasing products from 34 companies

June 10, 2018
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The Lebanese Wine Day 2018 in Switzerland: Organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture And showcasing products from 34 companies

34 Lebanese companies are taking part in the Lebanese Wine Day 2018, to be held in Zurich on June 11 and in Geneva on June 14, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and managed by Eventions. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in the caretaker government, Mr. Gibran Bassil, said at a press conference held on Thursday, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will appoint economic attachés in 20 countries to promote Lebanese products.

Mr. Bassil said, at a press conference held in Beirut Symposium, in Sin El Fil, in the presence of the Minister of Economy and Trade in the caretaker government, Mr. Raed Khoury, the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Eng. Louis Lahoud, representing the Minister of Agriculture, MP Salim Aoun, as well as a number of Directors Generals and owners of wineries, that “wine, in addition to other Lebanese products, pushed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to launch economic diplomacy and revealed to which extent the State is neglecting wine and all other Lebanese food products.” He added: “Our State is neglecting its people, its industry, its agriculture, and distinguished Lebanese products. We do not deploy sufficient efforts to market our products on foreign markets. We are called upon everyday to do more in order to help Lebanese products access global markets.”

Mr. Bassil declared, within this regard, that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs completed the examinations for 20 economic attachés around the globe, who will be dispatched to 20 countries and major capitals of the world, the unique mission of whom consists of marketing Lebanese products abroad and making such a huge difference as they are called upon to do so.” He continued: “It is shameful not to have economic attachés abroad but in 2018. However, let us be optimistic since we have started a new path enabling us to grant interest to our missions abroad to do their job.”

He recalled: “It is my duty to ask the embassies not to serve but Lebanese wine during their receptions (…). It is shameful that Lebanese people meet abroad and do not share and drink Lebanese wine or Arak. It is not only the consumption of this product that increases day after day, but also its quality. Therefore, it is the duty of all responsible administrations to protect Lebanese wine through measures to be taken on border controls regarding alcoholic drinks.”

He added: “We should endeavor to market Lebanese Arak as we did with Lebanese wine, knowing that Arak is a unique product which Lebanon is its only producer, and thus has a greater opportunity to breakthrough and compete. We have become aware that a great number of wine producers produce Arak or are capable of that. It is then up to us to encourage them to produce more.”

He continued: “We are today happy to go to Geneva and Zurich. But let us not forget wider markets, such as Russia, China, India, North and South Korea. We can go to these countries where competition is lower and the breakthrough capacity larger, with a great potential to market Lebanese wine.”

He insisted on the “responsibility of consumers, whether they are residents or emigrants, in always choosing Lebanese wine.”

He added: “The more we drink Lebanese wine, the more we anchor Lebanese people in their land and we open for them an illuminated window in their life.”




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