Lebanon Environmental Project Receives Top Prize of US$5,500 from Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants for “Best in Research”

June 29, 2018
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Lebanon Environmental Project Receives Top Prize of US$5,500 from Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants for “Best in Research”

Ford Motor Company today handed over US$5,500 in grant money to an environmental project in Lebanon as part of the 2017 Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants initiative. American University of Beirut Nature Conservation Centre has been strategically active in supporting communities impacted by an environmentally disastrous solid waste crisis.

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The special categories Best in Research grant went to the American University of Beirut (AUB), who also benefited from a $5,500 Special Categories for its Citizen Science for Improved Integrated Solid Waste Management (CS-ISWM) project. According to the university, the current crisis in Lebanon’s waste management sector has placed unprecedented pressure on municipalities and community organisations to manage their own waste outputs. AUB aims to ease that pressure with its latest project.

The CS-ISWM team has established a clear understanding of the solid waste management process ongoing in both Bar Elias and Aabey, and has designed and assessed creative interventions targeting multiple aspects of the same. The team conducted waste characterisations among Lebanese residents and refugee populations, thoroughly evaluating the engineering specifications, and proposed recommendations for the solid waste treatment facility in Bar Elias.

In its 17 years of existence, the Ford Grants initiative has become one of the largest corporate initiatives of its kind in the region, created to empower individuals and non-profit groups that are donating their time and efforts to preserve the environmental well-being of their communities.

Recipients are chosen by an independent panel of judges consisting of academics and leaders from regional environmental organisations. The judges are seasoned environmentalists or academicians from the region carefully selected based on geographical coverage, age and gender equality. They look for initiatives that demonstrate a well-defined sense of purpose, a commitment to maximising available resources, and a reputation for meeting objectives and delivering planned programmes and services.

Apart from Lebanon, the latest recipients of Ford’s Conservation and Environmental Grants, awarded in the areas of Environmental Education, Natural Environment, and Conservation Engineering, were successful applicants from Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Morocco, with a total of $100,000 made available.

Ford Motor Company recently announced the launch of the 17th Conservation and Environmental Grants programme, with $105,000 being made available to the successful entries, which coincided with World Environment Day on June 5. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is “beating plastic pollution”, and Ford is increasing the total fund offering for 2018 with a $5,000 special category grant for the project that best displays a plan to tackle the scourge of plastic on our environment.

Individuals or organisations with on-going projects focused on any of the main areas of focus are invited to apply by downloading the form here, and email it to The closing date for submissions is July 15, 2018 at 9pm AST (Arab Standard Time). Jury voting will take place, virtually, in August, with winners announced in September of this year.


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