Lebanon’s Second Tattoo Festival Adds Revolution to Art

May 11, 2018
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Lebanon’s Second Tattoo Festival Adds Revolution to Art

After last year’s first tattoo festival in Lebanon being a success, the 2nd Tattoo Festival kicked off with a bigger success this year, gathering local and international tattoo artists, coming especially to give the Lebanese scene a glimpse of the tattoo revolution. Lebanon’s 2nd Tattoo festival took place at Concrete 1994 sin El Fil for 3 consecutive days full of ink. Ink lovers rushed through the doors of the festival to get inked, chill with friends, munch on food and drinks, enjoy extravagant entertainment, and learn more about new tattooing styles while meeting and networking with the various talented tattoo artists.


This year’s festival hosted local renowned artists and international tattoo artists giving viewers a glimpse into their daily grind, their methods of work, and their eclectic sources of inspiration. Enhancing last year’s experience, the organizers of the festival put all their efforts to offer all ink lovers a platform not only to get inked and enjoy their time, but to indulge in the tattoo experience, breaking all taboos and sending a message that tattoo is art and a way of expressing oneself.


Most attendees left with skin adorned with tattoos, a shimmering smile on their faces, a bigger understanding of the inking culture with the latest trends, and hyped up energy by amazing breathtaking fire shows, dancers, stilt walkers, Djs and TheFuelGirls.


Commenting on this year’s edition, Mrs. Noura Jaroudi, the Organizer of the Tattoo Festival expressed her pride in the quality of people who attended the event, saying, “when we came up with the idea of organizing a tattoo festival we weren’t sure how people will respond, but today, with the accomplishments of the second edition, we are proud to say that our message is being heard, by trying new approaches, indulging in new ideas to broaden the tattoo culture and to say that tattoo is not as a taboo as it was years ago. This year we doubled our efforts and made sure to bring the best for our tattoo community, because our purpose is to bring the tattoo closer to all people telling them that this is art.”


Lebanon’s 2nd Tattoo Festival witnessed a better target than the first edition last year, and it will definitely be bigger next year. Each edition is different and will deliver a certain message, in the hope of letting go of all stereotypes and seeing more beautiful people enjoy the art of tattooing.


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