“Let’s bring their Sight Back this Season” initiative launched as part of “Alfa 4-Life”

January 3, 2018
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“Let’s bring their Sight Back this Season” initiative launched as part of “Alfa 4-Life”

As part of its Alfa 4-Life CSR program, Alfa managed by Orascom TMT, launched the “Let’s bring their Sight Back this Season” initiative in support of three children from the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf. As part of this initiative, Alfa has offered the children Leticia, Christelle and Muhannad, three eSight 3 devices, which represent a revolutionary technology that helps semi-blind people to see and enables them to engage in daily activities, giving them autonomy and the opportunity to learn and study in an appropriate environment.

During a very joyful and emotional moment, Alfa CEO and Chairman Marwan Hayek welcomed in his office the three children with their parents and a delegation from the school, and presented them with the devices, which enabled them to see many things around them for the first time.


Hayek said: “We are making the wish of the three children come true. This gift is a gesture from Alfa to bring the light back to their lives. It’s true that these children were deprived from the blessing of sight however God gave them the blessing of vision through which they see through their heart”. He added: “Many times, we close our eyes to see better and see the true meaning of things especially in hardships”.

“Through this gift, our wish and purpose is to help the children as much as we can so that they can enjoy the blessing of sight”, Hayek said. He then addressed the children saying: “My wish is that you always see through your heart because all beautiful things in lives are seen through the heart. You are a blessing to your parents and the light through which they see in their daily lives”.



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