LG Electronics’ Versatile Products Present Both Accessibility and Convenience on Your Next Trip

July 26, 2017
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LG Electronics’ Versatile Products Present Both Accessibility and Convenience on Your Next Trip

In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, we can, rather easily, forget the necessity of slowing down, taking a break, and relaxing every once in a while. In this case, productivity can actually decline, having the reverse effect of what is actually expected. LG Electronics, an international industry leader, tackles this issue and creates products that encourage people to take that much needed vacation, while offering them the option to stay connected.

By nature, we are social beings, and a vast majority of us prefer to be in constant contact with those around us, whether this involves our work obligations or communication with our circles of friends and family. This fact has sparked a sometimes heated discussion about technology and the impact it has on our lives: does it makes things easier or is it an additional stressor to our already over-flowing list of daily tasks?

To narrow the focus a bit, let us take a look at vacation time away from work. Most of us recognize the importance of placing our work obligations on the back burner for a bit, in order to clear our minds and come back to our careers with a renewed sense of motivation and more productivity than before. However, for some of us, completely shutting down during time off from our jobs can be significantly detrimental to our success, and continued connectivity and reliability remain essential even when we are on the beach somewhere soaking in the sun.

In this case, LG presents smartphones that are inseparable partners for today’s modern traveler. The LG G6, for example, takes intrinsic usability to a new level, giving vacationers high-quality photography abilities, an easy-to-check schedule, and simple accessibility to navigation tools. The G6 was also ergonomically designed with the user in mind, as it fits in one hand and is fortified with strong foundational materials to stand even the hardest of drops, which are to be expected during vacation excursions, a perfect companion for those who must still respond to those time-sensitive work emails during a trip.

Managing Director of LG Levant Hong Ju Jeon explained LG’s overarching goal as a forward-thinking, customer-focused tech company, saying “At LG Electronics, most, if not all, of the work we do is to ensure that users of our technology can actually use it, as if it were an extension of themselves. We are seeing this to be more and more critical in an age where career obligations exceed work hours and blend into off days and vacation time.”

Just as “workcations” are quickly becoming the norm for career-driven individuals, “staycations” are also increasing in popularity, with employees staying at home for vacation, rather than traveling. LG, specializing in home appliances and entertainment, make these “staycations” that much more enjoyable with its impressive, technologically advanced portfolio of devices, such as the 4K UHD Blu-ray Player and the ProBeam laser projector, which have drastically altered the home movie-watching experience.

“Next time you plan your vacation, whether it is a ‘workcation’ or not, we encourage you to add LG to your list of travel companions, so your trip can be as memorable, integrated, and refreshing as ever,” said Jeon.


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