LGB BANK sponsors the International College’s annual fashion show

July 2, 2018
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LGB BANK sponsors the International College’s annual fashion show

Sponsored by LGB BANK and amidst the presence of the school’s administration together with a large crowd of students and friends, the International College’s alumni held their annual fashion show at the school campus.

The fashion show featured more than fifty student runway models, while others chose to showcase their talents in singing and playing musical instruments. In a very professional kind of way, a number of students were appointed to escort the guests to their designated seats.

Moreover, the event included a series of fun activities such as game challenges, to which everybody participated, that took place at the section reserved to the Bank. Many gifts were distributed as it is worth mentioning that the winner has received an online shopping card worth $150.

Vice Chairman and CEO of LGB BANK, Samer Itani, had a few words to share regarding the event: “Encouraging student activities is one of the Bank’s major objectives in order to help develop the spirit of responsibility and cooperation among students as a way of shaping each and every one of them into becoming the men and women of the future Lebanese society.”



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