April 18, 2017
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Flowerbomb is the iconic, transformative fragrance that – with its profusion of flowers – has the power to transform anything into something. Evocative notes of the floral bouquet awaken and transport into Viktor&Rolf’s magical, surreal universe. With their first fragrance, Viktor&Rolf aspired to create an innovative olfactory experience: a modern-day flower power exuding an air of opulence, with rich yet meticulously layered notes leaving a remarkable trail, bigger than life.

Flowerbomb’s iconic ad visual – launched with the fragrance in 2005 – was unexpected and ethereal: a striking, mysteriously veiled feminine archetype embodying Flowerbomb’s powerful, feminine goddess. In 2016, the ad was infused with new life, reflecting the fragrance’s modernity while respecting the visual continuity of the original featuring an empowered, floral goddess. Her strong posture and daring disposition honor her predecessor. Her face is unveiled to reveal a free and modern expression of femininity and an explosion of precious flowers bursts from her head into the universe.

Today, Viktor&Rolf surprise yet again introducing another chapter of the Flowerbomb story: Flowerbomb Bloom. Whilst keeping it closely connected to the robust fragrance Flowerbomb is, Viktor&Rolf conceived Bloom as a burst of fresh flowers with undertones harkening the return of spring days and fresh, invigorating air. This new Eau de Toilette fragrance explores new olfactory possibilities, pushing the boundaries of the floral bouquet, bringing new life into the olfactory mix to take on a sparkling, fresh and sensuous tone.

“Flowerbomb Bloom was developed from our desire to create an airy fragrance with a burst of fresh flowers, one that was synonymous with the bloom of spring“, explained Viktor&Rolf.



 Keeping the addictive imprint of Viktor&Rolf’s first, iconic Eau de Parfum, Flowerbomb Bloom’s floral signature becomes more aerial and is defined as fruity floriental.

The top of this new Eau de Toilette is sparkling and juicy, led by the delicate pomegranate accord, bergamot and mandarin oils.

The heart is perhaps most notable as it is freshly infused with unexpected pure air molecule – an innovative molecule captured at the top of the mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest, and recreated synthetically. A subtle touch of living liquid air brings a fresh and aerial mountain breath, elevating the fragrance’s thousand-flower heart and creating a surreal bouquet of scents.

The strong, memorable base remains addictive with musks, vanilla and patchouli. This burst of fresh flowers brings upward movement and a breath of fresh air.


Flowerbomb’s iconic bottle is a precious object, a diamond grenade: a luxurious weapon of glamour, cut like a diamond, wearing the Flowerbomb name and transporting the Flowerbomb bouquet.

With Flowerbomb Bloom, the sparkling glass facets of the grenade silhouette are even more transformed and move upward into the air with mobility, positivity, vibrancy and beauty.

The bottle is more slender reflecting the airiness and subtle infusions of fresh air and continues to transform and empower.

Flowerbomb Bloom’s bottle remains a vehicle through which anything impossible becomes possible, presenting the promise of a new season, a new day.

The delicate blush packaging encasing Flowerbomb Bloom is treated with the signature black, wax Viktor&Rolf seal while the iconic ribbon is metallic silver shining bright.

This notable change in the packaging reflects again the upward motion and aerial spirit of this new Eau de Toilette.




The freshly rendered, elongated bottle will run alongside the newly introduced Flowerbomb advertising visual with a burst of petals while brand new visual merchandising will be introduced featuring hand-crafted paper flowers blossoming.

With both elements, Viktor&Rolf were keen to reflect something breezy and they are a poetic interpretation symbolizing growth and the renewal power of flowers that turns winter into spring.

Giving select points of sale an airy and fresh point of view, they will feature white and silver paper flowers with touches of pink – an ode to the blooming new breath of this hallmark bouquet.



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