LPG Leaders meet for the first time in Beirut to empower the sector in the region

April 26, 2018
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LPG Leaders meet for the first time in Beirut to empower the sector in the region

Under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers His Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri, Unigaz in collaboration with the World LPG Association (WLPGA), proudly hosted on April 25 and 26, 2018, the first Regional LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Summit for the Middle East under the title of Exceptional Energy for the Middle East in an attempt to empower further the LPG sector and bring together key stakeholders involved.

Leaders from around the world headed to Beirut to share with LPG industry stakeholders in the region, including customers, the global trends in the industry and its impact on the region. Through this summit, major opportunities in the region were highlighted within the industry as well as spotting the light on national challenges to overcome it. The aim was to bring together all stakeholders from governmental sector to private sector to collaboratively develop the industry, importing global best practices in LPG to Middle Eastern markets and facilitate international business exchange.

Mahmoud Sidani, President & CEO of Unigaz, Lebanon stated, “Beirut was chosen as the destination for this summit due to the city’s strategic location as a gateway to the Middle East, the presence of more than 60 years of distinguished expertise in the storage and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and a great knowledge of modern regulatory frameworks and the dynamics of the Lebanese market and other neighboring markets.” Adding that, ” One of the main objectives of this summit is to reorganize the Liquefied Petroleum Gas sector by developing new regulations and legislations, as well as finding solutions to the problems that the sector faces consequently, helping member companies to meet the changing market challenges and have positive interactions with any arising opportunities.”

After the World LPG Forum in Houston and the WLPGA AEGPL Congress in Monaco this year, the regional Middle Eastern summit launched from Beirut at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut covered four major discussion points:

Global Energy Trends: What are the impacts in the Middle East?

Getting to know the major LPG trends from around the global through IHSMarkit Presentation. Speakers shared their views of the impacts on their Markets. Leaders discussed a holistic/360 understanding on the future of LPG globally and in the Middle East in terms of Supply, Demand and other Market Dynamics.

Overview of Market Opportunities in the Middle East

Changes and updates happening in the Gas/LPG industry value chain in the represented markets by highlighting the affected elements within the chain, i.e. Supply, Storage, Distribution, etc… Opportunities or Challenges resulting from this change per industry and market channel were also discussed. Looking at the possible opportunities, speakers looked at how will it positively contribute to the companies and end-users, while the challenges were tackled by looking at possible solutions and what is the current impact on the end-user. A major point in this session was about a collaboration between private and public sectors to achieve the desired results.

Regulatory Reform of the LPG Sector

Introducing local regulations framework and major stakeholders involved. Furnishing the process and drivers of the regulatory reform happened or to happen: From the old regulatory framework, to the reformation efforts and process, and to the latest regulatory framework (done or in progress). The session provided information on the regulatory body and how / why it was selected. Major areas/issues/enhancements were tackled in the reformation from the point of view of the government, companies, and consumers, while emphasizing on the consumer protection part. New initiatives (if any) appeared as a result of the reformation. The speakers also briefly explained the laws and decrees governing these regulations.

Good Industry Practices and Models for the Middle East

Relevant technical and technological innovations from around the world and how these will create market opportunities in Middle Eastern markets were highlighted in this session. What changes are afoot and how will this benefit the industry in the long term. Major Models presented were, City Gas Networks (Mega Scale LPG / SNG networks), Autogas, Gas for Power Generation, LPG in Industrial applications, and LPG in Agricultural applications.

The summit also featured women in LPG Global Network and was attended by more than 400 visitors from the LPG industry worldwide, presidents and CEOs of major companies in the region and from the USA, Italy, France, UK, Singapore, and others. Governmental representatives from the regulatory commissions from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco and India were also present.


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