Medals and Certificates Awarded to Rotana Hotels Horeca Fair 2017

April 14, 2017
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Medals and Certificates Awarded to Rotana Hotels Horeca Fair 2017

Rotana Hotels Lebanon stood out once again at the Horeca Exhibition 2017, the annual regional meeting point for professionals in the hospitality and food services industries in its 24th edition, recently held in Biel Beirut. Just like every year, Rotana Hotels Lebanon were in the limelight, with its cooks and staff excelling in cooking, art of service, bed making, and other competitions, and acquiring medals and certificates of appreciation for their creative skills and high professionalism.

In the culinary competition, Raouché Arjaan by Rotana’s Michel Estephan has been awarded the Golden Medal for preparing “Three Deserts”, along with Ali Chehade for preparing the “Best Burger”.  For his part, Mahmoud Rehayem was granted the bronze medal for preparing the “Best Éclair”, whereas a certificate of appreciation in the “Best Lebanese Sandwich” contest was secured to Abbas Abboud.

With regards to The Art of Service category, Nour Zein Eddine from Raouché Arjaan by Rotana received the golden medal, while Moustafa Nawar from Gefinor Rotana got a certificate of appreciation.

Rotana outstood as well in the Bed Making contest with Aida el Mokdad from Raouché Arjaan by Rotana and Christy Hoven from Gefinor Rotana, both winning the silver medal, whereas Joey Gonzales from Gefinor Rotana and Fatima Kawtharani from Raouché Arjaan by Rotana receiving a certificate of appreciation each.

In the same context, Tarek Beydoun from Raouché Arjaan by Rotana earned the silver medal in the Mystery Basket contest.

Rotana Hotels Lebanon participated in this annual exhibition that hosted more than 350 companies and agencies working in the tourism and food & beverage industries, proving once again its leadership in providing the best services and the excellence of its staff at all levels, all the more that Rotana Hotels Lebanon earned three golden medals in various categories this year.


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