“Miyah – World of Water” at Mother of the Nation Festival taps into the importance of water sustainability

March 27, 2017
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“Miyah – World of Water” at Mother of the Nation Festival taps into the importance of water sustainability

Miyah – World of Water, a distinctively interactive installation illustrating the importance of global water sustainability, will debut during this year’s edition of the Mother of the Nation Festival, taking place on Abu Dhabi Corniche until 4th of April 2017. The installation aims to shed light on the value of water preservation, while outlining its role in sustaining all life forms.

Reflecting the inspirational vision and values of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak’s, and in line with this year’s Festival themes of conservation, sustainability, empowerment, education and collaboration, Miyah – World of Water aims to engage the public through creating awareness of the positive impact of water sustainability, showcasing in an interactive presentation in more than 20 languages, the value and origins of this precious natural resource, uses in sustaining life as well as global consumption rates.

The experience’s five zones start off by invoking visitors to appreciate the cleansing power of water, before taking them into multiple educational and scientific presentations of the water cycle, the human water footprint and global water consumption in agriculture, industry and households, complete with fun facts about its role to human, animal and plant life.

The subject of water sustainability is further illustrated through captivating image galleries which showcase the UAE’s collective efforts in addressing water distribution, desalination processes and scarcity issues. A compelling presentation highlights some global initiatives in water sourcing and preservation, as well national initiatives to safeguard the UAE’s water reserves such as Masdar’s Renewable Energy Water Desalination Programme, the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science Initiative, the UAE Water Aid Campaign as well as other water-related UAE Partnership Programmes.

Miyah – The World of Water also captures inquiring minds through processes such as renewable water collection and water harvesting from air, while also delving into statistics on global usage, impact of water-related technologies and ongoing scientific breakthroughs poised to enhance the resource’s security. The installation aims to also help visitors to further understand how their household usage will impact future water reserves and generations to come.

In addition to Miyah – World of Water, the ‘Mother of the Nation Festival’ also includes an impressive array of exhibitions, performances, installations, food and beverage outlets and exciting events across four diverse activity zones, designed to present a vibrant array of entertaining and educational activities, and offer an interactive and inspirational environment for visitors of all ages. The festival will also present Mother of The Nation Pavilion, a returning tribute to HH Sheikha Fatima’s vision and values in an inspired and all-new curatorial narrative.

Festival details can be found at, with the festival open from 4pm to midnight during weekdays and 2pm to midnight during the weekend.


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