Molton Brown, Russian Leather

October 20, 2017
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Molton Brown, Russian Leather

This distinctive new fragrance is an olfactive impression of the bygone Russian Leather-making craft, practised only by a few remote villages perched on forest edges. Emulating the craft’s complex artisanry, Molton Brown has tempered aged leather accord with fresh Siberian pine oil and trails of cade wood oil; an expression of the wild, carnal sensuality of charred wood. This is deepened by resinous birch oil; an ingredient used since the 17th century to saturate Russian Leather, giving it a unique durability and scent for the creation of boots, suitcases and bookbinding.

“I imagined a crackling fire at twilight, where intensely woody, smouldering and noble leathery notes intermingle with a Siberian forest’s brisk pine. Ambery vetiver embraces strong, commanding black leather laced with sophisticated cade, leaving an unforgettable impression of a Russian wilderness.”

Loïc Bisceglie, Master Perfumer, Takasago

Composed with enigmatic, powerful overtones, the eau de toilette and bath and shower gel create a compelling fragrance layering ritual for long, intriguing nights. Housed in twilight-hued glass, the candles surround your home with a flickering atmosphere of profound mystery.



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