MORI Sushi Brunch in Dubai

March 22, 2017
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MORI Sushi Brunch in Dubai

Introducing a new dining experience in Downtown Dubai, Mori Sushi has recently opened its doors to their restaurant overlooking the Burj Khalifa . Originating in São Paulo, Brazil, Mori Sushi brings infinite variations of fusion sushi flavors like you have never experienced before. 


The Mori brand started life as a small, cutting-edge establishment in the heart of the Brazilian city. Renowned for its flair, freshness and exceptional taste, and with a cult following that included some of São Paulo’s finest clientele, it proved an irresistible proposition to a group of young entrepreneurs who stumbled across it during a trip to flavourful Brazil. They struck the deal of a lifetime, buying the rights to the name and the know-how, and leaving their Japanese-trained culinary-partner (and now head chef) behind to learn the ways of Mori directly from the owner. They added their own unique fusion feistiness to the proceedings and in 2016 the Mori Sushi brand made its Dubai debut in Boulevard Plaza Tower 2, Downtown Dubai Boulevard with mouthwatering, out of the box selections like their famous Spicy Lemon Roll, Cheesy Eel nigiri and Lasagna Roll.)


Prepare for the unexpected when you join Mori Sushi at their Endless Sushi brunches every Friday from 12AM to 4PM and Thursdays from 5PM onwards. You can indulge in their endless fusion sushi and nigiri for only AED 150 while enjoying their exceptional miso soup or edamame. It’s sushi redefined. What are you waiting for? See you there!



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