Mugler launches ‘Alien Eau Sublime’

January 29, 2017
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Mugler launches ‘Alien Eau Sublime’



An energizing eau to awaken the senses

Solar. Refreshing. Sensual.

In 2017, the Alien Solar Goddess radiates her beneficial energy through a new limited-edition creation: Alien Eau Sublime. A dazzling and energizing eau de toilette, Alien Eau Sublime awakens the senses.

Alien Eau Sublime,
fragrant energy
in the Alien tradition
Alien Eau Sublime, glowing with a halo of light Inspired by the sun at its zenith, Alien Eau Sublime captures all the light of Alien with a fresh and luminous fragrance that, like the warmth of the sun, brings immediate comfort.
Alien Eau Sublime overflows with a glow that it diffuses generously around her in an energizing
fragrant trail. Like the beneficial caress of the sun on skin, Alien Eau Sublime radiates energy,
immersing us in a feeling of well-being that thrills the senses.
Alien Eau Sublime seems to have been chiseled by the magical rays of the sun.
A new interpretation of Alien Eau de Parfum, Alien Eau Sublime has kept the original Alien signature, woven from
cashmeran wood and sambac jasmine, in a variation that is fresher and sunnier. To attain its zenith, the fragrance was written around three revelations:
• Energizing revelation: The zesty green notes of mandarin and bitter orange steep us instantly in a dynamic cocktail
that brings vigor and vibrancy to the fragrance.
• Solar revelation: The solar flower par excellence and the emblematic signature of all Alien creations, sambac jasmine meets the soft and sensual tones of another white flower:
Tiaré, overdosed in this composition. This happy marriage brings sparkle to the sun-filled heart of Alien Eau Sublime.
• Enveloping revelation: Finally, amber and woody notes skillfully convey the feeling of a warm, enveloping cocoon
and comforting well-being.
Alien Eau Sublime energizes, illuminates and wraps the wearer in its sensual, soothing and beneficial fragrant trail
that warms up wintertime and lights up summertime.
A citrusy-floral-oriental eau de toilette created by Dominique Ropion, perfumer-creator of Alien Eau de Parfum. Alien Eau Sublime, Eau de Toilette Non-refillable, 60 ml,
Limited Edition


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